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Each type of statistic sheds a slightly different light on a country's population.
Unfortunately, a rather grim statistic glares tho.
The pessimist sees in that statistic thousands and thousands of unhappy singles.
There's nothing newsworthy in printing a statistic and the obsequiously aped concern of a politician.
But that sobering statistic hasn't stopped the flesh trade on this sun-sparkled land.
It is not simply a matter of economics, as wealthy suburbs are marching into the statistic column.
Once more that statistic has to coincide with your preconceived notion of things.
The lone statistic the author uses in his argument is two years old and is reworded to prove his point.
But your facile use of one relatively meaningless statistic reveals that you have a way to go.
The figure with the higher statistic wins the round.
After all, it's the easiest statistic to understand: a dead fighter.
But that same survey shows another telling statistic.
The statistic quoted about millionaires isn't really relevant even were it accurate.
More than any statistic or demographic metric, it describes you.
Finally, as a nutritionist, every statistic in this article is factually true.
That's makes you a statistic and has no value outside the workplace.
Not sure why such a horribly wrong statistic was included in this story.
But a more telling statistic is what happens to such families a few generations after they've arrived.
One statistic is a snapshot of the economy, not a complete wall-to-wall portrait.
But that statistic doesn't begin to convey its psychic significance.
Nothing more is said about this astonishing statistic.
Every statistic you look at, their league stats are completely dominant.
Despite all the attention it receives, that statistic has almost no predictive value.
For anyone old enough to remember the days of the shah, that statistic means something.
Pick another wretched statistic: there are plenty of them.
There are few things that can make you feel dumber than a statistic.
If you examine almost any government statistic or calculation more closely, you will find that it is a guesstimate.
On the day it is released, that statistic can send the financial markets into a sharp upward or downward spurt.
However, the value of the chi-square test statistic are dependent on how the data is binned.

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statistic: the us bureau of missing persons reports that in 1968 over 100,000 people disappeared leaving no... more
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