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Those who continue to publish would be given a small office, a computer, and letterhead stationery.
So, let's make some progress in stopping food poisoning and then later pick out the new stationery.
Your immediate neighbor is in the stationery business, and he feels gloomy about his prospects, less so about yours.
There's a note on the dresser, scrawled on hotel stationery with a dried-up hotel ball-point.
His father, trained as a bookbinder, ran a store selling stationery and notions.
Dan, the letterhead of your stationery carries the motto of your university: pax et lux.
For a flagging stationery industry, calling cards--essentially nonbusiness business cards--have brought a welcome dose of energy.
She sometimes puts lined paper beneath her stationery to keep her lines even.
There is also a gift shop on site where you can pick up souvenirs such as postcards and stationery.
Please do not use stationery with a decorative background, as it makes the type difficult to read.
In-room computers and personalized stationery can be provided upon requests.
Forms are also available at some stores which carry legal stationery or business supplies.
The written request should be prepared on the attorney's stationery and bear the attorney's original signature.
The logo is used to identify the office on its stationery and publications.

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