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Every scarier are the folks standing still that think a stationary light is moving drastically around.
The diets account for personal tastes, whether the animal runs around a lot or remains stationary, as well as age and health.
People will listen, for free, to music that comes out of a stationary box that sits indoors.
Fuel cells have three main applications: transportation, portable uses, and stationary installations.
As a result, a clock speeding away from an observer will appear to tick slower than a stationary clock.
It basically consisted of a stationary bicycle inside a tub, attached to a pump apparatus and shower nozzle.
The stationary craft reported on polar conditions for five months.
Money that is too old or worn is recycled to make roofing tiles, stationary, and other things.
Larger devices provide a trickle charge to car batteries and generators and come in portable and stationary options.
Use the prompts below to guide a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of using stationary cameras to study wildlife.
Electricity, meanwhile, is delivered via a conductive brush that sweeps around a metal ring in the stationary base.
The hummingbird is literally buoyed on a vertical jet of air, with its head held stationary as it uses its long bill to feed.
Electricity, meanwhile, is delivered via a conductive brush that sweeps across a metal ring in the stationary base.
When the cab is stationary, it is used to charge a battery that acts as a supplementary power source.
TV broadcasting is essentially one-way coming from powerful stationary installations.
And the more opportunities there are for stationary cars to be recharged, the more likely they are to be bought.
Of course if the car is stationary for any length of time u can also charge it from a socket.
My favorite wellness machine is the treadmill, as the stationary bicycle puts to much stress on your knees.
There is an outdoor pool along with a fitness center that has a treadmill and stationary bicycle.
Stationary fronts can bring several days of cloudy, wet weather.
The on-site fitness center is large and equipped with state-of-the-art treadmills and stationary bikes.
The park also has an exercise room with a treadmill, stationary bike and weights.
Cogeneration is not limited to stationary power plants.
Some stationary patterns generate the illusory perception of motion.
However, the debris moves at such a high relative speed that the sail might as well be stationary.
Something about our stationary modern ways has made them even more common than they once were in the caves of our origins.
As the materialize as particles, they are directionally stationary but are able to spin.
The only way to stay stationary in the three spatial dimensions is to move at c through the fourth dimension.
But many such technologies, such as large stationary batteries or flywheels, are expensive to build.
One of the elements is stationary and thus called the target.
The envisioned system combines stationary devices with mobile sensors.
IN winter, many people prefer a stationary cycle to an outdoors bicycle.
Even allowing for deaths that resulted from the war, the population is stationary or worse.
The researchers tested each volunteer's maximum heart rate and peak power output on a stationary bicycle.
At home, the bike folds and fits into a base-station, turning it into a stationary bike.
Exploration can be performed by the main landing craft or by an independent rover deployed from a stationary lander.
It has the camera far away, stationary, and perpendicular to the motion.
Solid-oxide fuel cells are currently used for stationary applications such as powering building furnaces.
Such vertiginous visual effects can now be generated on the cheap from live images provided by stationary video cameras.
Not only is this likely, but it is more credible than the suggestion that space is stationary.
The second problem was how to make the machine move when scanning a stationary patient.
Only if the shoulder joint is stationary, the angle of arm push is the same as the angle of release.
The balloon can be towed by trucks, ships or helicopters, as well as a stationary winch-cable device.
Of course, the idea of dilating time plays well with concept of stationary universe.
The target was stationary and directly on the centerline route.
He also has an animation where he was able to track the asteroid better, so it looks nearly stationary while stars zip by.
People take it for granted that when they sit in a chair or lie in bed, that they are stationary.
The point is clear: for stationary food sources or goals, both memory and communication work well in support of planning.
It uses signals from stationary radio stations but is commonly use in geodesy.
If the door withstands this the leading end of the rod will come to rest in the frame of reference of the stationary observer.
Military flares hover because the burning chemicals create heat which keep them almost stationary.
The car must look fast, whether in motion or stationary.
But all had stabilized at a far lower, less explosive stationary state.
All images taken from a stationary tripod with unmodified camera and lenses, no tracking.

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