station house in a sentence

Example sentences for station house

On the south side of the street is a park, the police station house, a firehouse and a day care center's playground.
Diesel exposure from the fire trucks and fumes in the station house are also a consideration.
The incident occurred at the station house as two fire fighters were filling the engine water tank.
The argument is settled by a policeman who takes them to the station house.
Back at the station house there might have been some conversation, along the same line, but perhaps with more details.
On this milky gray morning, the station house appeared almost abandoned.
Under close supervision, responds to structure and wildland fires and rescue calls and performs station house duties.
They usually perform administrative duties indoors in a well lighted, well ventilated office or station house.
He also was in charge of the construction of the station house.
Overhead ramp signs direct the vehicle to the back of the station house if there is need for further evaluation.
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