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The city formerly operated a garbage transfer station at the same location, without incident.
It's not clear how many drivers will actually plug in at the charging station.
Music will be playing from an iPod, or from a satellite or terrestrial radio station.
Your favorite radio station transmits on a specific frequency.
He made arrangements with a friend to drive me in his station wagon to the bus stop.
Keep critical weather information at your fingertips while you explore, with this lightweight, portable digital weather station.
It also doubled as a weather station and yes, it was solar powered.
We need to focus on how best to make the transition from the space shuttle to the space station to space exploration.
The breakfast table-its top is salvaged madrone-triples as a prep station and a desk for doing homework.
The best source for fire updates may be your local news station.
Its neighbours are a pawnshop, a petrol station and a couple of fast-food restaurants.
Traveling by train is super easy if you're going where it goes since there's a station at the airport.
Plant-based fuel could be coming to a gas station near you.
The station is also performing a copy of the recording artist's work.
The remnants of a decades abandoned nurse's station.
It was easier to find a college here than a gas station.
They then make their way by train to an unloading station.
Determine the averages of the data for each station and record on the board.
Unseen is the subsurface irrigation system, which is regulated by a high-tech on-site weather station.
In a corner of the dilapidated research station where he had tried to sleep, he found a rusting plough.
It is a central switching station for global entertainment.
It wants to start building a big new power station later this year.
They would move to the next polling station and repeat the exercise.
In some areas, you may get that station on your local cable system.
Ben sold newspapers at the train station, then became a caddy at a nearby country club.
They're stealing in order to lift their station in life.
All thoroughbred people are considerate of the feelings of others no matter what the station of the others may be.
In the station yard, after the evening train had gone, there was a heavy silence.
The serving table is a halfway station between the dinner table and the pantry.
Others phoned for directions from the train station.
Long story short: my first stop on campus that next day was the police station.
If you take an academic job at a lower station, you will never be able to move back up.
She responded to say that she hadn't gone to the fire but was at the station as backup and to help with post-fire cleanup.
Composers and musicians working at the radio station created many new songs in the popular style.
He did not go to college, choosing freelance photography while working at a radio station instead.
Take oil to a local recycling center or gas station that accepts used motor oil.
One played the part of the seller of a petrol station and the other the buyer.
On the other hand, the pressures that can be brought to bear in a police station are much stronger than those in a lab.
Farmers are registered at their nearest weather station, which transmits data over the mobile network.
The water is piped to a filtration plant and then to a heat-transfer station on the mainland.
They suffer significant losses in bone density and muscle atrophy after only six months on the space station.
The station in its current state is only meant to house three people.
Identify the closest train station that you can walk to or reach by bus or trolley.
If you take a bus or trolley to the station, request and pay for a train transfer when you pay the driver.
Not every train allows for checked baggage and not every station has the facilities to check-in bags.
Sadly, navigating your way from source to source and station to station is awkward, especially without using the remote.
Most of them are taken in sequences of one frame per second, closely resembling the true speed of the station in orbit.
It's smack on top of what'll be an underground station on the new train line.
Getaway drivers were waiting outside the station for each of them.
And almost nobody wants to build a re-fueling station until there are people driving natural gas vehicles.
He serves as a transmitting station of mythic patterns and extrasensory truth.
Only the shell of the building that houses the power station remained in the battered plain.
The first thing you notice on arrival at the station, apart from its remarkable cleanliness, is bureaucratic procedure.
The station was losing half a million dollars a year.
When you select a station, the map zooms in, and a short message pops up.
All the way to the bus station he had hurried because he liked being early for things.
He had gotten a job as a gasoline service station attendant.
There is a gas station with not one but six medallion cabs filling their tanks.
They take them both to the station for examination by the district surgeon.
The space station was funded neither for science nor furthering human spaceflight.
The electrodes are implanted into a part of the brain that normally acts as a relay station for messages.
Further synapses send the signal to a critical relay station in the brain called the thalamus.
Another time, my favorite streaming radio station took forever to load.
When someone selects a radio station, the tuner filters out all but one of the frequencies.
Researchers have used the ubiquitous device as a portable polling station, a tracking device, and a sensor.
And literally thousands waiting in the station for outgoing trains during the holidays.
Interesting idea, however, you would be unable to retrofit an existing gasoline station.
Think of a bus station loudspeaker system, no one can understand what is broadcast when first exposed.
The total infrastructure will begin blossoming from fuel plant production, transportation, and finally the fueling station.
The job gains outweigh modeled job losses among gas station attendants, mechanics, and parts industry manufacturers.
In the capital, police fired tear gas at a polling station after rival political supporters clashed.
The future power station is at once a marvel of engineering and remarkably simple in its design.
He defines manufactured runs as those on which two of the four bases result from something other than station-to-station baseball.

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