static electricity in a sentence

Example sentences for static electricity

Volcanic-ash clouds contain a lot of static electricity.
Chemical electrodes of this sort can store a lot more energy than the static electricity of a capacitor.
Inside the machine is a drum, charged with static electricity, that attracts toner particles.
If you don't, in wintertime you'll get shocks of static electricity when you touch your machine.
Then, even the smallest spark, probably static electricity.
Static electricity ignites a storage tank, forcing a community evacuation.
When you rub up and down with each of the pieces or cloth, fur or plastic, you create static electricity.
In a storm cloud, the moving air makes tiny water droplets and ice rub together so they become charged with static electricity.
Discharge your static electricity before fueling by touching a metal surface away from the nozzle.
When a bit of static electricity collects up on a surface, all the build-up is the same kind: all positive or all negative.
These incidents may be related to static electricity buildup and discharge.
Ice conducts electricity only about enough to dissipate static electricity.
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