static pressure in a sentence

Example sentences for static pressure

Explain the relationship between changes in hood static pressure and gas flow rate.
The static pressure of the undisturbed free-stream fluid flow entering the tube may be used as a reference value.
The term static pressure is used to describe the pressure exerted by all gases.
Also, the static pressure acting on the surface of the airfoil is determined by the static pressure outside the boundary layer.
In incompressible flow, the dynamic pressure is the difference between the total pressure and the static pressure.
The stack gas temperature, static pressure, molecular weight and moisture content are also measured.
The pressure that the fan generates is total pressure, which is the sum of two components, static pressure and velocity pressure.
Hoods are generally designed to operate under negative static pressure.
Static pressure is pressure at rest or when water is still and not flowing.
Major energy savings can be achieved by lowering system static pressure and improving fan efficiency.
The fan schedule indicates design cubic feet per minute and design static pressure.
Use hood static pressure and fan motor currents to evaluate hood capture effectiveness.
Fan speed is controlled by the lowest reading of multiple-duct static pressure sensors.
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