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No longer was the world static, its creatures unchanged since time began.
Then, in the dark, he would apply a uniform static electric charge to the entire coated surface.
It is strangely schizophrenic: at once intellectually stimulating and emotionally static.
He had been viewing nature as something composed and static in order to pretend he didn't belong to it.
But counterinsurgency isn't a static mold into which the military can pour any war and wait for it to set.
It's wonderful to have a static image that doesn't flicker at you.
No people can live entirely within a static tradition.
None of this is to argue that museums should be entirely static.
College leaders can only make educated guesses with respect to static and rate-of-change variables.
The static text image on my desktop is the electronic cousin of late antiquity's reading invention.
Our sector grown steadily for decades while the public four-years are static.
Sanchez said such people could have more cognitive resources able to remember static locations within an online text.
However, vinegar does not reduce static cling the way fabric softener does.
In other words, being educated cannot be a static concept.
In traditional displays, pixels are static and arranged on a flat surface.
As the last few months have shown, our world is not static.
The main threat to computers at this time of year is static electricity.
To make systems biology really useful to biology, it has to transcend beyond the current static simple relational approach.
Until fairly recently, the medium seemed a cold, static reservoir of gas quietly waiting to condense into stars.
People who choose to see the world as static and unchanging are deluding themselves.
Static experiments with torsion balances and pendulums measure the spatial curvature.
The oscillation notwithstanding, the researchers say dynamic entanglement can do everything the static sort can.
The constantly flickering colors attract your attention in a way that the static portrait does not.
One experiment mimicked the stock market, while another asked students to search for images in television static.
Birth rates evolved to support this and maintain static populations.
T he public impression is almost necessarily static: postage-stamp mutual devotion.
Chemical electrodes of this sort can store a lot more energy than the static electricity of a capacitor.
They can be static or animated, but they are not interactive, and they carry you to another website if you click on them.
Even measuring the boundary of a static body of water is no mean feat.
The cost of production is no more static than the price of oil.
Neurological research has demolished the myth of the static brain.
Farming is never static, and a rigid ideology risks doing long-term harm.
The science will move from static estimates of stocks to a sense of the system's dynamic flows.
But complexity cannot be reduced by static, simplistic exercises.
In enlarging them, some claimed, they became static.
It is designed to reflect the will of the people, which is not static and is sometimes schizophrenic.
My guess would be that land prices are highly correlated to house prices, but that construction costs are relatively more static.
Indians persisted in buying gold even in the face of falling and static prices, yielding a negative real rate of return.
But below the surface societies are being churned up in ways not seen in the much more static pre-industrial world.
Fossil bones are wonderful for understanding anatomy, but they are inherently static.
But the static mechanical pumps could not chase after groundwater that continually changed course through the complex terrain.
The edge of the solar system is not some static line on a map.
The inside of computers already have the look of neural networks, a static road map of electronic circuits.
It models time as a static dimension, when time is dynamic process.
Astronomers at the time believed the universe was eternally static and unchanging.
Also, you can think of time evolution as an information conserving mapping between different static universes.
If there is video that conveys things you can't get from a static page, great.
Contrary to casual observation paintings are not static.
The genetic profile you receive is more than a static set of data.
Ocean current systems move heat around the globe, but they do not remain static.
Henceforward the map of the world will never be static.
When you get back in the car, you pick up static electricity, which can start a fire when you pull out the hose.
Among those who thought the market would be static, two-thirds called private accounts a bad idea.
Where imagination seems kinetic among your poor characters, it seems static among the economically privileged.
Rather than a definitive, static image, a light-field visual object is intrinsically interactive.
Each segment of society becomes a purer version of itself as the nation as a whole becomes more static.
Cotton acreage, on the other hand, has remained static or declined slightly.
In our highly industrialized, relatively static society, the situation is otherwise.
He was as curious about her static, unmoving world as she was about his wandering one.
It's so much more intuitive than text or a static picture.
Nineteenth-century voices don't create static in that silence.
To think of the workflow not as static, but as a malleable and constantly changing system.
Clicking on a topic triggers all relevant connections so the map is not flat or static.
Furthermore, culture is not static, but always changing.
The key is that whilst your opponent may have all the early space and initiative, they become static.
Their consumer credit portfolios have remained fairly static over this period.
The researchers' model combines traffic data collected from static road sensors as well as from volunteers' cell phones.
After all, a static magnetic field is merely an electromagnetic wave with a frequency of zero.
It's the perfect amenity for any billionaire easily bored by old-fashioned static images.
While robots have reached for objects on tables and shelves before, they always needed to know the layout of a static setting.
The challenge is that these languages process data in static batches.
Unlike stents and other devices that are static, joints have to be able to move.
His doctor recommends getting a cheap transistor radio and tuning it to a station with lots of static.
CT is used routinely in research and in medical practice, but it is a time-intensive process and produces only static images.
His logic envisioned the emergence of systemic feedbacks in static gradients, essentially undisturbed.
The idea of using space-time is to capture the motion as a static graph.
Imagine the static you hear in your car radio as you drive past a power line.
One of your book's lessons is that a movie's reputation isn't static.

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