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Example sentences for statewide

There may be a few scattered contests for legislative nominations, but the only statewide items on the ballot will be initiatives.
It would be even more likely than the statewide winner-take-all status quo to elect the loser.
After her two terms as mayor were up, she gained statewide recognition in her campaign to become lieutenant governor.
Statewide testing of students, with penalties for failure, has run into opposition from parents across the political spectrum.
Even in statewide races, electoral politics is now a science, not an art.
She says she's seen this happen to dozens of people statewide, some of whom she got to in time to prevent some of their losses.
The company's chairman served on the governor's statewide re-election finance committee last year.
There's no real way to prepare for an in-semester statewide emergency.
The part timers there teach half of all courses offered statewide.
But the white population continued to decline statewide.
If a candidate receives the majority of the vote statewide, that candidate is allocated the remaining delegates.
But the colonias have also had some help since the abysmal conditions began to draw more statewide attention.
The film has been shown on statewide television and in cinemas.
The law requires any statewide candidate to win a majority of electoral votes.
She has never before run for statewide, let alone national office.
The descent of the global media causes a statewide traffic jam.
Property taxes have soared, but a statewide measure to limit their growth has drawn significant opposition.
But it wasn't until late last year that a statewide snapshot survey revealed the full extent of the epidemic.
Legislation has also been proposed to adopt a statewide law.
Those statewide averages, though, mask a lot of local variation.
Both at the polls in statewide referendums and in the legislature, efforts to boost cigarette taxes are repeatedly shot down.
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