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To us, a settlement has been precious as one of our finest cards in the statesmanship game of the future.
As a result, the basic mechanics of the electoral process act to harden ideology and to punish statesmanship.
Of course, such a reorientation will require statesmanship as well as public pressure.
What has been the practical statesmanship which comes from your ideals and your sentimentalities.
Sometimes it was on a question of real constructive statesmanship.
Statesmanship not only requires a knowledge of the principles that control human beings, but it also requires moral courage.
Right now, many of them value money and celebrity and ratings, not statesmanship or good policy.
In the absence of statesmanship, the chances are that only a crisis in the bond markets will provide the necessary impetus.
And then invest the savings in statesmanship and diplomacy.
Corruption and nepotism: politicians are not civil servant any more with a vision for the future, no statesmanship.
But this is not to say that defective statesmanship was the problem.
We need serious statesmanship on both sides for this to work before it is too late.
It is of the viewing of the future that sound statesmanship consists.
Issues of strategy and statesmanship that characterize the period prior to a decision for a college merger are addressed.
May his peaceful ideals and statesmanship be long remembered and upheld.
The history of the national park idea is indeed filled with examples of statesmanship and philanthropy.

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