stateside in a sentence

Example sentences for stateside

More foreign policy experience is good for her, but not at the expense of stateside campaigning.
Working stateside, you're likely to make the same amount in a month.
Reception of a presidential visit, let alone an apology, would be highly controversial stateside.
That's why the people's game, played in every corner of the globe, has trouble catching on stateside.
Now he's back stateside and sharing his tips on traveling with kids.
And soon after was back stateside where became a licensed general falconer and venomous reptile keeper.
The daily headlines sped stateside via a formidable array of video dispatches, podcasts, and blog posts.
Her performance has earned enough buzz that the film may even show up stateside to take a crack at awards season.
The reemergence of disco as a credible and, gasp, popular form of music stateside.
It is, of course, often easier and more convenient to conduct intercepts stateside.
Once, this was only for commemorating commemorate a toast stateside.
If your last cellphone purchase wasn't a smartphone and you're living stateside, consider yourself in the minority.
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