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Then a statement somewhat in detail of a course to be pursued seemed fitting and proper.
It is true that in repeating a statement in order to emphasize it he may have need to vary its form.
There are people whose idea of conversation is contradiction and flat statement.
The commonest form of indecision is that between statement and question.
It was never backed by any study, and the one academic who made the statement to a reporter took it back almost immediately.
It's a permeant statement to one's self or to the world, regardless if you stand by it for the rest of your life or not.
The color blocking craze mixes large swaths of color for an effect that is both stylish and statement-making.
Job seekers in the sciences or social sciences may be asked to submit a statement of research interests.
One of the job postings asks for a statement of teaching interest, not teaching philosophy.
It referred to a statement where the intended meaning of the statement is in direct opposition to the statement itself.
Objectives can be replaced by a statement of skills and knowledge that you bring to the position.
In two others there was no statement if it was tenure track or not.
In the same statement, the publisher advised that it would be pushing back a good part of its upcoming games.
The southern section is the only one off-limits to leasing pending the completion of an environmental impact statement.
Your statement is misleading and inaccurate likewise.
To read the full position statement on aging and its extensive list of references, follow this link.
Throw out some highly emotionally charged statement.
Deception can also include our rationalizations to ourself to justify a statement or behavior.
Not a surprising statement until you realize it means you also.
The family had not issued a statement at deadline and no reports on her condition had been confirmed.
Louis and coauthor of the new study, said in a prepared statement.
Generally a good article, however one statement is worth clarifying carefully.
The statement is that bamboo requires little fertilizer, water, and pesticides.
What a sad statement that is about humanity and our screwed up priorities.
It is time to move beyond a statement of the obvious.
Similar conversations happen with the first drafts of personal statement.
We generally rely on courts to decide if a statement is defamatory according to local law.
The idea that many prisons have daily minyanim is not a statement of pride for us.
Then they simply checked which directors stayed from one proxy statement to the next.
But coming from a body that stresses the spiritual, parts of the meeting's final statement were quite earthly.
But his statement held true for much of what went on at this year's meetings.
It was the boldness of the statement that got under the industry's collar.
Yet the students who should be given the highest marks would actually be those who agreed with the statement.
There is one exception to my last statement and can be found in the article when it touched on a warmer body radiates heat faster.
The above statement is a bit subjective, perhaps even taken out of context.
So no by your statement there are none that are renewable.
The video was a highly curated, produced and packaged political statement.
There is no proof or even support of proof in the statement or reference to past technology.
It is a basic rule of conduct in science that when one makes a statement, he has to present justification argument.
Perfect statement of emptiness no other than form the twig and the stalk still on, the way they sell them in the market even now.
Fiction is one giant pseudo-statement, a fact-checker's nightmare.
The listener's temperament will dictate whether the song is a guarantee of loyalty or a statement of resignation.
His private concern was not the point of his statement.
What he offered was a well-bundled statement about changeability.
There are a few big caveats to that statement, though.
Many of the exiled, freighted with more suffering than reasons to leave, would reject this statement.
But this partial statement of my views about adjudication simply raises the same puzzle about interpretation in a new form.
Looked at from a longer distance, the statement suggested a degree of mental dissociation.
We intend this statement as more than an after-the-fact condemnation.
It's also a throwback to the era when a company's headquarters made a statement.
It was the seminal statement of a new, unsentimental era of moviemaking.
The statement struck him as absurd: real-estate bubbles never end with soft landings.

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