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It is simple yet stately, elegant yet informal, a private home and a working office.
The building's stately two-story lobby is distinguished by its complementing marble finishes and impressive rotunda.
Traffic is moving along at the stately pace of a third of a mile a day.
Stately old mansions and sleek new condominiums skirt the palm-lined boulevards of this fashionable beach city.
Long viewed as a stately procession to a foregone conclusion, planetary formation turns out to be startlingly chaotic.
Whole streets, once lined with stately elms, were laid bare.
But surprise at the leaders' stately response reflects low expectations of them which, alas, they have often justified.
Miniature paintings feature rarefied motifs of plants, animals and architecture, and often show a stately symmetry in composition.
The large, stately computers jockey for space in the room.
Stately pleasure domes are springing up all along the coast.
We settled into a stately sitting room furnished with a plump damask sofa and large armchairs.
Able to trundle up and down stairs in the lab, in reality, it will take a more stately pace when it is sent to the moon.
The whole open-to-the-public stately home phenomenon is a business: nothing more, nothing less.
The stately mansions and overhanging trees are calming.
The space would still look stately and handsome without them.
They're stately cars, fast and graceful, yet understated.
They boast stately mansions, pay for lavish cars and sophisticated meals.
But the program birthed much more than stately elms or magnolias.
The old churches and crumbling walls look particularly stately on such days.
The resulting films feel stately and deliberate despite their hundreds of cuts.
They are happy to see fresh money reviving hotels and restoring stately properties.
While the rest of the complex collapsed and crumbled, the stately statues remained.
The final effect was stately: a white building with a blue and white cupola topped by a weather vane.
Many of the visitors to castles and stately homes are natives forced to holiday at home by financial necessity.
When she awoke refreshed with sleep, she looked round and beheld near by a pleasant grove of tall and stately trees.
No stately settings, no echoes of the fine arts, no images that pop your eyes in wonder.
The stately house still exists, but the bedazzled costumes do not.
Bach's stately sarabandes suddenly become whole with the dancing.
Their stately movements are accomplished without sound.
These stately birds stand at a height of three feet, have a bald red crown, and range in color from light grey to a rusty brown.

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