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Since it is stated that this list isn't comprehensive, don't take a chance.
The package stated that the yeast would multiply into billions of cells.
Outside of stated specs, which can be misleading, try to take a tablet for a test-drive to check the screen's capabilities.
The stated rationale is to preserve everyone's ability to throw out wild-eyed ideas.
No more than the stated number of prizes will be awarded.
Critics say that actual costs could be several times the stated amount.
We have yet to pay attention to those great words, stated over a century ago.
As stated the other animals evolved in their own direction according to random mutation and natural selection.
It is so sad, as another comment stated, what people will do for money.
Any difference between stated value and actual value will not be awarded.
As has been stated, students expect to be entertained, and not do anything for their education.
As usual, there is truth being stated on both sides of this controversy.
There were many other applicants who stated in concrete terms why they wanted to teach on our campus.
If the policy is stated in the course syllabus, you have little recourse in the case of unexcused absences.
Her actions contradict these stated goals and she does a disservice to the students, staff, faculty and community.
Note also that stated in isolation the belief is in fact strange and implausible.
If you can address their stated concerns, you may have an acceptance given.
No more than the stated number of prizes will be awarded.
The pathos is all the more powerful for being implied rather than stated.
The difficulty of answering this question seems to me to lie in its being wrongly stated.
With his usual courage, he stated a deliberate opinion.
As already stated, the accounts of his earliest years are contradictory.
These are more inclined to give credence to people's stated desires and feelings.
It was not stated how much anyone needed to earn to apply for one.
Many of those loans were indeed defective due to inflated appraisals, fictional stated incomes, or other reasons.
While seldom openly stated, their job is to supply the college with as many paying freshmen as possible.
As a human being and as a scientist he deserves to have that stated again and again.
The second strategy is not only mostly irrelevant to your stated purpose, but also it gets in the way of your stated purpose.
Because they are contractors, their continued employment depends on their ability to satisfy the stated performance metrics.
Simply stated: doing the old things better takes precedence over doing new things well enough.
Whats obvious and not stated in the article is that the use of pronouns also indicates ownership.
The article stated it might have been a hunting partner.
The fact that it is not stated suggests this is an anti gun piece and has nothing to do with gays in the military or statistics.
And recruiting strategies and experimental design should be stated explicitly and fully in the resulting paper.
Everything stated here can be attributed to previously discussed ideas.
Not only is this evidence humdrum at best, it is weak as stated.
Their story is so rarely explained without disinformation that it still seems startling when it is stated plainly.
Some posters stated there was a lack of references for the self-repairing software.
There are more reasons alt energy is suffering than stated in the article.
They stated that there exists a wide range in quality, dose, and price among products evaluated.
There is a major battery risk in that battery range may be significantly less than stated.
Ethanol is not the total cause for the increase in food prices as stated as proof in the following.
Though, it should be stated that there does not seem to be a magic bullet for reducing the cost of coal-to-electricity.
It was as if someone was scripting a test of my stated career goals.
Before he opened the door completely he quietly stated that he was going through a gender transformation.
As the article stated, she is quite wealthy and has a nanny.
And sometimes it's cool when they are simply stated and simply solved.
As was stated above, it is simply an exercise of following an axiom to its consequences.
It was also stated by the said official that some bones from that dead body was missing.
However, following your argument it may be more nuanced then stated.
It's an unwarranted added distraction that puts real kids lives in extra danger for a variety of reasons stated.
Both have been stated with the authority of science.
Yet his ideas constantly return to certain central preoccupations, stated at the outset of his career.
Fair enough, since he's stated that he believes there's something fictionalized about any memory.
In fact, however, the manual has never stated or implied a preference between talk therapy and pills.
The more clearly the matter is stated, the more troubling are its implications.
But opposition to giving up more land-and a stated willingness to act on this belief-is increasing.
The job description for the barista position stated that no prior experience was required.
Despite its stated goal of subverting hierarchy, the group's efforts will be hamstrung by infighting and power struggles.
He, as stated, has a pretty unorthodox way of teaching his students how to exorcise a demon.
Estimates of the value of the disputed real estate vary wildly, as the piece clearly stated.
The businessman also allegedly stated that he had done this sort of thing many times before with great success.
The challenge would now be to get him to act on his stated desires-to lure him into the open.

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