stat in a sentence

Example sentences for stat

Stat-up costs are high but in the long run the savings more than pay for the investment.
However, the observation he makes as a result of this stat is completely speculation.
Critics, meanwhile, worry that these stat-happy quants take the human out of the humanities.
And fantasy baseball fanatics can track their players with stat-filled player cards.
Problem is, to calculate that stat, economists remove stores that have closed from their sample.
It's important for readers to know how development works so good for posting that stat.
However, it wasn't my lit but my stat prof who said the plural of anecdote is not synonymous to data.
The fact that two systems with oppositely-pointed arrows of time would interfere with each other follows from basic stat mech.
Emma blows her stack again, which makes me fear it will become a stack schtick, stat.
Let's stat with finder it should list folder first then files.
Written denial claiming a statutory exception by citing the specific stat ute or regulation is sufficient.
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