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When you're living with your parents, it's a lot easier to close your browser in a hurry than to hide a stash of magazines.
Toupees are not allowed in prison, because prisoners have been known to hide their stash of drugs under them.
It helps to keep a stash of small bills in your wallet for cab drivers, hotel porters and bar staff.
Stepping off the road near the rise of a small ridge, they dug a pit and buried a stash of treasure in the ground.
So keeping a stash of fresh batteries will make sense for a long time.
And leopards frequently muscle dead prey twice their own weight up trees to stash them in the branches.
Cut and cube the mango for this salsa at home and then stash it in your cooler.
The hottest trend in fashion right now is clothes with lots of big pockets to stash electronic gadgets.
Building a stash in your hotel room is not a bad idea.
Wide elastic waistband hugs hips, while interior stash pocket at waist holds a credit card, or house key.
They will also stash spare parts for the station on an external cargo platform.
The cashier popped and cracked the small pink stash of gum in her mouth.
Stash the ricotta in a sealed container in a cooler.
He was a tenant in the building and rented a safe-deposit box in the vault to secure his own stash.
If you want fragile, silky leg wear, stash an extra pair in your bag.
Its central bank still holds the largest stash of dollar reserves.
Stash your tunes in the interior zip pocket and prepare to crush.
Spotting our stash of pots in a nearby corner of the test garden, he fills those too.
Hence, it was easy to stash on a nightstand or kitchen counter.
And, they keep a stash of locally made frozen breakfast burritos that they'll nuke for you.
We have a big stash of them, and toss out a handful in the afternoon as a treat.
Check it out and let us know if the mash is your kind of musical stash.
Try to stash that pot where your guests won't see it.
It comes with a side of stash pocket for stuffing a map, water bottle, or magazine.
And there are an awful lot of places on a ship to stash weapons or human cargo.
He reveals the concealed cupboard where the secret police found his stash of sacred texts.
To keep track of the mobile patchwork, stash this page in your glove compartment.
One such might be the requirement to stash your earphones and switch off your iPod on take-off and landing.
If there are two of you working, you can stash away a considerable amount of money.
Keep your valuables close as there's nowhere to stash them on board.
These boxers have a stash pocket for keeping keys, condoms, and other valuables right next to the family jewels.
The cookbook stash in the laundry room near exploding it's so large.
He had to dip into his private stash of coins and emeralds to insure a return to his faithful.
Most stash their savings wherever they safely can and turn to relatives and friends whenever credit needs arise.
They buy and sell livestock and are able to stash goods away for a rainy day.
Stash one of these compact drivers in a kitchen drawer and you'll always have the perfect tool at hand.
Later a truck, or even a helicopter, comes to collect the stash.
Zippered cargo pocket perfect for stashing your stash and keeping it dry.
Apache pilots rerouted their flights over the bar so they could check out the stash.
The country uses its stash to power its own green leadership in wind power than other technologies.
Half-finished crossword puzzles or a stash of chocolate, a postcard he'd sent her or a cut-out recipe.
They study their opponents, stage mock battles, and stash ammo to grab in the moment of crisis.
So, you don't have to log around a stash of physical books.
They need to get rid of the ever-growing number of excess chocolates, and the mouth is the obvious place to stash them.
Lately, my frozen stash has been making its way into the main courses, too.
Using a well-practiced flip of his hands, the server encloses your warm stash in an envelope of white paper twisted at both ends.
At the end of the episode, she cleverly decides to stash it in her vanishing cream.
The rich then stash their profits away in tax protected schemes.
There's also a small door on the side that pops open, revealing a place to stash the included remote.
All of this makes the bike easier to stash, but not necessarily carry.
S, you will have to stash the bottle in your luggage to get back through security.
He was flown there for medical treatment after he and a friend discovered a stash of weapons inside their school.
Stash house caretakers prefer homes with attached garage.
Water stash boxes have been installed in discrete locations for your use.
Stash bags of dried fruit at your desk for a convenient snack.
These stash locations are usually residences in suburban neighborhoods.
Avoid the temptation to spend beyond basics, and stash away savings.
For the retirement savings procrastinators, the good news is it's never too late to start building a stash of retirement cash.
Ask for recommendations, and keep a stash in reserve.
Water is so precious, it's kept in a bank vault, except for the stash hoarded by the mayor.
It's made from recycled material, and you'll always have a place to stash stuff on the go.
Out hunting one day he come upon a whole bunch of dead guys, burned out cars and a stash of drugs and a couple million dollars.
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