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Crisis situations contribute to hunger and starvation.
Lack of calories-hunger-is a headline-grabber, particularly as rising food prices push more people towards starvation.
They would suffer frostbite, snow blindness, and starvation.
Have the non-beggars sit down, as they have gone out hunting or are weak from starvation.
Many of the afflicted animals subsequently die of starvation.
Without enough ice, the bears risk being trapped on land, where they face starvation.
Afflicted animals generally die of starvation within six months.
Once covered in oil, the birds are forced to move ashore where they are at risk of starvation.
Fay's diary includes stories of close encounters with animals, near-starvation, and disease.
Those that weren't killed in the fires faced starvation.
He must discover how to find food and water or risk starvation.
Only five people die from shark attacks yearly, while millions of people die from starvation.
The situation is starting to get so bad that an increasing number of herders are facing starvation themselves.
Much of humanity eventually dies of starvation and disease.
Locust swarms devastate crops and cause major agricultural damage and attendant human misery-famine and starvation.
They typically perish from starvation or as prey of other bears.
He estimates it took three days for them to die of starvation.
Think of it as a watchdog guarding against starvation by monitoring body fat.
People will starve, without being able to die of starvation.
Everyone is subject to starvation wages for their work.
They didn't last long, however, and the specter of starvation loomed.
When you live on such a starvation diet you also gain back easily.
It wasn't unusual for prisoners to die from the cold or starvation.
The brother had died of starvation, and whenever the carpenter got upon that subject he cried.
The spirit of citizenship died of starvation and no one observed it die.
Starvation they bore without grumbling while fighting for their lives and their country.
Here they ran across a poor devil who had for four months been lost in the forest and was dying of slow starvation.
Its sympathies are all with misery, with poverty, with starvation of the body and of the heart.
The plant-eating moose must scrounge during the harsh winters to avoid starvation, living on pine needles and twigs.
We could eliminate starvation rapidly, if governments could agree on common taxation to pay for pensions.
All of which suggests we've evolved a number of tricks to avoid the ultimate game-over: starvation.
Those on the brink of starvation, he notes, would not have been able to survive the diarrhea that lactose intolerance brings.
Currently, over one million people die every year from starvation and disease.
Besides disease, resource starvation and fast-food, humankind has no predators.
The modern societies feel guilty for their suffering and send them food to prevent starvation.
Starvation, war, and lack of energy to provide heat and transportation of goods will cause the loss of billions.
Explain how starvation and disease were rampant when the sun went quiet.
Starvation causes a state similar to drug induced stupor.
Starvation is caused by western democracy, where the majority neglect the poor.
Islanders talk of fending off starvation, hungry crocodiles.
Elderly seals may die of starvation, as their teeth are gradually worn down from years of ice-gnawing for breathing purposes.
Anorexia is characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss.
We should be celebrating one step forward, with less people at risk of starvation.
This, of course, implied starvation for those businesses that were not and never would be market leaders.
The danger is high of a secondary disaster, of starvation and disease.
But crime and starvation are hardly the only options.
Roughly a million people died, mainly of war-induced starvation and disease.
If people are dying of starvation, disease or neglect, they cannot exercise any of their other rights.
It needed managers and businessmen able to avert starvation and total economic collapse.
Or people will die from starvation until an equilibrium is reached.
It's strange to think that more people today die from being overweight than from starvation.
Dehydration, not starvation, is what kills in the desert.
Rock-breaking, uranium-mining, and starvation diets became the rule.
Zimbabweans are severely malnourished, and deaths from starvation occur even in the cities.
Everybody would agree that a sensible diet is somewhere between starvation and binging.
They wrung their hands over the economic crisis and my potential homelessness and starvation.
Large herds of while tailed deer have been saved from starvation by rifle clubs.
Starvation and sleep deprivation won't affect a super-soldier who doesn't need to sleep or eat.
Humanity is doomed to exist, now and forever, at the edge of starvation.
The difference is that at an older age the fear is not of physical but of emotional starvation.
He had been kept in solitary confinement on a starvation diet.
The result was continent wide starvation, disease, and genocide.
Slow starvation of the cells put those wrinkles and sags into your face.
They barely made it back, in a whiteout, but they saved their neighbors from starvation.
But cannibalism isn't all that strange an idea, given the level of starvation there.
The only way to make a living was to publish, for starvation wages, in the few magazines that had come into existence.
Chronic malnutrition was prevalent, and starvation was spreading in the countryside.
Some nearly died of starvation, while others retreated in the face of tribes that attacked with poisoned arrows.
Then came the winter of our last starvation, when she disappeared.
Before he was born, two brothers and one sister died of starvation.
The main nutritional challenge was avoiding starvation in late winter if primary meat sources became too scarce or lean.
Lucky for them it was a decent harvest so there was no actual starvation.
Disease and starvation floated as explanations, and sharks seem to be devouring more sea otters lately.
There is a difference between starvation and low carbohydrates.
The ones who want to stay in the field end up teaching as adjuncts for starvation wages.
Instead they believe having a starvation policy will work to their coffers advantage.
Perhaps similar systems also could be something to use as a in-between solution in starvation areas after direct help.
Many people are already dying of starvation and diseases that can be prevented.
Birds are overwhelmingly likely to die from stress, starvation, or kidney or liver failure.
He and two fellow airmen battled starvation, eating only the occasional raw albatross or fish.
Despite the occasional helping of tortoise meat, they would have to subsist on what amounted to a starvation diet.
Those who didn't eat enough were doomed to starvation or even predation-sometimes by other grizzlies.
And now he is likely to be punished for this starvation diet.
Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost to starvation and war.
Most remain where they are, living on the verge of starvation.
The jumpsuit he wears in public camouflages a life of luxury in a nation bordering on starvation.
Without the drugs, he will die, wasting away from starvation.
Most die not from war wounds but from starvation or disease.
While they may set the conditions for starvation, only human beings ensure it.
He had taught his first lesson: an object lesson in what it means to survive starvation.
The main benefit of snacking is that it can curb feelings of starvation before a meal and thus prevent gorging.

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