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As a result, decentralized composting has lower startup costs, but is more labor intensive.
Of course, guerrilla armies and startup companies have little to lose-they either win or die, so the lesson for them is clear.
Members of the staff compare it to a startup company.
Tesla was perhaps the wild card in the funding equation because it is a small startup.
We know the code that runs these is brand new, written by startup companies, and is going to have bugs.
The low barrier entry of web startup business if not gone, is fast disappearing.
Small, specialist startup online web shops, would have a much harder time making a go at it.
On the other hand, small and startup companies are best at times of discontinuous technological change.
So you got a startup grant to get your digital monograph, e-journal, or wiki up and running.
It was a startup operation for a multinational firm.
From a shoestring family startup less than four years ago it's become a big success.
They are going to still have growth, but the growth of an old company, not a fresh startup.
After startup by an outside power unit, it will keep on working by itself.
It is now undergoing testing before completing the startup procedure.
Fertilizer is thus required only for farm startup and to make up for losses.
If a startup could raise unlimited venture capital and generate sufficient market excitement, your product vision could take off.
The answer is the chicken, where startup must be referenced.
Contrast this to a fossil-fuel plant, which must consume material and has substantial startup and shut-down costs.
Both the plug-in hybrid startup, and the company that supplies its batteries, appear to be in trouble.
His success in the lab led him to found a startup to commercialize the technology.
Sometimes that's all it takes to launch a technology startup.
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