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Example sentences for startled

She had the delicate, frightened look of a startled deer.
Higher education's current rush to exposure has both startled and dismayed me.
It has a unique ability to react when it is startled.
New evidence suggests those findings, which startled the public and the scientific community alike, might be bogus.
And she spent all of her first week of life nodding off under the heat lamp, then being startled back awake.
Those findings startled the study's authors, who are sociologists at.
Also a quirt note and a rapid chatter alarm when startled.
And there is the startled jolt of adrenaline in response to the roar of a leopard--or the wail of an alarm.
When it started vibrating in his hand, he was startled and dropped it.
Most of us, non-fanatics on both sides, were startled by this story.
He was startled to see lights left on in empty rooms.
The red-eyed tree frog flashes its brightly colored body parts when startled.
The startled would-be suicide laughed and crawled back from his window ledge.
As he unfolded a copy, he was startled by the grainy image of himself.
Depending upon where they end up, they may be startled to discover that they still need to do these things.
The horses, startled by the noise, commenced plunging furiously.
More commonly found on the ground, ring-necked pheasants can take rapidly to the air when startled.
He was startled by what he found inside the heavy cardboard container.
The startled guy managed to write a few of them down.
The findings from the demographic data startled the researchers.
Newcomers witnessing the rituals are often startled by oracles in violent trances wielding weapons.
The couple was likely startled awake and trapped inside their tent with mere seconds to defend themselves.
He will be startled into being quiet, then you tell him he's a good dog.
He gets startled by lawn flags or will dig in and stare if someone has a statue or lawn ornament out.
Your fellow panelists and the audience will thank you, even if the chair is startled.
People seem startled at the idea of some humour being offensive.
Suddenly the merrymakers were startled by the sound of pistol shot near the door.
She will, and then you give the pretend-startled response.
When startled, chimpanzees clamber from trees and race off across the ground.
She's also easily startled when there is a sudden movement made around her while she is resting.
Some of these animals may become aggressive, especially when startled.
Her month away, and weeks of convalescence, startled the ruling party.
Startled by the request, my friend finally agreed to take the proffered plug and cable and see what he could do.
Lovejoy was startled to see that such a crucial marker of aggression disappeared so early in human evolution.
When startled they retract into shells that are normally smooth and translucent.
Rabbits also produced it when startled by a predator, and cats when they were stalking prey.
Thousands of books teetered perilously in his office, and a motion-sensitive door startled visitors with cricket chirps.
Sudden call shouldn't take away the startled memory.
In the world of a mouse, he is now more likely to space out in public, and not react as quickly when startled or uncomfortable.
Clad only in underwear, he was startled while in the act of taking papers and files from a cabinet.
None of them knew how to take that, and they were startled by my laughter.
Hours later, the bark of a car braking startled me awake.
On the way home, he startled us, saying that he was afraid that he could no longer compose and he did not know what to do.
At first the rats were startled by the noise of the toppling door.
She was startled into alertness-at first not sure where she was.
Alex is startled at how old she looks, compared to the photograph.
Startled, he wriggled and wagged his tail with delight.
Some are startled and seemingly shocked at the extraordinary austerities practised by these monks, and by many ancient hermits.
Even people unfazed by luxury are startled by the excess.
Only extremely startled people ever get their eyes open that wide.
Even when startled it may dart off only to return within a few minutes.
Startled residents sometimes found mounted cowboys herding strays out of the backyards of their rim-side homes.
When people hear a loud sound they sometimes feel startled, and when they feel startled they usually blink their eyes.
Everyone yields to horses, which can be startled by sudden movements.
The machine reportedly startled a flock of resentful birds.
They will flush when startled, but usually prefer to move through the marsh vegetation on foot.
When something goes boom in the night, try not to be startled.
When startled, the nine-banded armadillo can jump straight upward about three to four feet into the air.
Having been startled by the vehicles owners the suspect fled the area on foot.
If nesting pelicans are startled while on the nest, their abrupt departure often crushes their eggs.

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