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When she emerges, she builds a small nest and rears a starter brood of worker females.
Mix together sourdough starter batter, water, and four cups of flour.
Display it on the coffee table as a conversation starter for everyone to enjoy.
It works perfectly as a fire starter for a fireplace or a backyard barbecue, however.
Biga, is a yeast-based starter, gives the loaf characteristics of bread made with a sourdough starter.
Starter cultures also help coagulate milk, and give it flavor and texture, too.
Must be a self starter with strong leadership, management, and communication skills.
Of course my statement was a non-starter and a complete fallacy by design.
For many of my students, however, religion serves as a conversation starter.
The farmer set a time, and the sound of the alarm fed into an interface that signaled the coil of the pump's starter.
And many such vehicles use air-driven starter motors.
Anything that musses with the hair is a non starter.
Fiscal stimulus in terms of infrastructure development seems to be a non-starter.
The economic case is powerful but if it cannot meet the test of political legitimacy, it is a non-starter.
More will be needed, and restoring conscription is for the moment a political non-starter.
Promoting pilotless planes on the basis of safety is a non-starter, then.
So no one even brings the subject up, fixing the problem requires going against all the political winds and is a non-starter.
Major ground operations in the starter garden are drawing to a close.
On damp or cold days, there is no power going to the starter to start the vehicle.
The original electric cars were already hiding in the average gas guzzler in the form of its battery and electric starter.
My biggest complaint besides the legitimate one above is that being told you are powerless is a no starter.
On the other hand, a request for information from a friend use to be a good conversation starter.
He teaches viewers--and the ditsy host--to make bread dough, pizzas, and sourdough starter.
But even if it's a political non-starter, it also shines a big, bright light on a critical problem.
The trefoil uses three genes to convert these harmless starter chemicals into their deadlier descendants.
It's on my right forearm, which means it ends up being a good conversation starter after a quick handshake.
Rotation also means that landing a rocket and using it push the asteroid is basically a non-starter too.
He's an intelligent guy, and he knows it's a non-starter.
With such a small starter set, it's not unlikely that a specific clone would rise to dominance.
And theology is a non-starter since it presupposes certain non-scientific, non-detectable characteristics of the creator.
The candidate also should be well organized, a self-starter, and able to stay on top of multiple deadlines.
First, the starter has a strong smell that may be a turnoff.
It was smooth and fast and a good ride for a starter.
My first marriage was really a starter marriage of one year to somebody who was quite mad.

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