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White bags and vellum stars make festive outdoor lanterns.
You'll find the same seclusion the stars sought on this typically uncrowded stretch.
No need to stick to your go-to house red for grilling all-stars.
There's no light pollution, so the sky is bright with stars.
Later, soak under the stars then let the rushing river lull you to sleep.
Scattered across a bluff, the sites are open to the stars and the sea.
Absorb the park's immense beauty by spending a night beneath the stars.
There are identifiable stars who know they are stars.
Human academic advisers usually don't get five stars from students.
Deep inside the super-dense hearts of exploding stars, gravity may squash neutron particles from spheres into cubes.
So theorists have proposed a new type of positioning system based on blinking stars instead of satellites.
At four light years away, these are the closest stars to our solar system.
The first month of the year already is shaping up to be a dramatic one for some stars.
To human eyes, the night sky is a confetti of stars.
But it is more illuminating to think of them as stars in the sky, scattered more or less at random over a vast canvas.
Some of those stars exploded, spewing the heavier elements out into space.
Solving mysteries with the stars was all the rage in his retirement community.
But the real stand-out in the comic's limited run is a story that includes dinosaurs only as co-stars.
UK astronomers have discovered a pair of stars twirling around each other at record-breaking speed.
New studies track the motion of stars to pin down what holds sway at the heart of our galaxy.
Take one look at the stars, planets, sun or any other system found in nature and there is only one conclusion.
For singular stars such as our sun, however, the situation is much trickier.
The twinkling of the stars is fine for nursery rhymes and poets but much less charming for astronomers.
Our galaxy is littered with the corpses of dead stars.
Pulsars are the spinning cores of dead stars that ended their lives in huge explosions.
Galaxies are sprawling space systems composed of dust, gas, and countless stars.
One of the largest known stars in the universe is shrinking rapidly, and astronomers don't know why.
Ancient astronomers observed points of light that appeared to move among the stars.
The fact of the matter is the moon's surface reflects sunlight, and that glare would have made stars difficult to see.
In a clever twist of nature, the sea has eyes in its stars.
Instead, the clouds of dust and gas are leftovers from the quiet deaths of sunlike stars.
The world's arenas were already crawling with dinosaurs, in the form of old rock stars.
But the average cinema-goer probably won't notice anything different-same popcorn, same stars, same types of movies.
Planets orbiting stars beyond the sun are labelled merely with the name of the star and a suffix letter.
Film crews would then come to town and spend money in hair salons and hotels, and local politicians could pose with film stars.
Such rapid orbits mean the planets in question are close to their parent stars, and thus likely to be tidally locked.
The sun, the planets and the stars supposedly revolved around it once a day.
The light in question comes not from individual stars but from quasars.
One of these is the speed with which the first stars formed.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Right into the stars he reared aloft, his red eye rolling and raging.
In another moment the pale stars alone were visible.
The tourists are coming, as well as restaurants that cater to them, and chefs eager to win stars.
Grandpa sees three stars inside the moon's circle, so the storm is three days away.
The mighty two-hundred-foot cliffs of the shore faded into the few bright stars.
The indigo night sky streamed in, trailing little moons and stars.
Of course, there were sports fans who loved the stars on their favorite teams without regard to race.
Lift up your eyes and see the cloud and the light within it, and the stars surrounding it.
The cake she chose was decorated with a spaceship and a launching pad under a sprinkling of white stars.
The movie stars were holy and valuable objects to be bought, borrowed, stolen.
They were down with the romance of it, had read the books and gazed upon the pop stars.
At a time when theater was the nation's dominant form of entertainment, he was the star of stars-treated everywhere as royalty.
If dark matter exists it may take the form of mirror planets, mirror stars and mirror galaxies.
Stars will have to stop their helical movement throughout the galaxy.
Mapping the galaxy is tricky business because of the inherent difficulties in measuring distances to stars.
The discovery of habitable planets around other stars is one of the great goals of modern astronomy.
The capability to do begin this work on planets around other stars should be with us in the next few years.
The facility has the look of a perfect hideaway from which to observe planets and stars.
The data could also provide insight into the processes that power the sun and other stars, and answer other scientific questions.
To keep costs down, he chose works by emerging and mid-career artists instead of established stars.
There were popular stars in the past equipped with their own rotunda.
As usual, there were enough famous faces in attendance to render the stars themselves starstruck.
The stars didn't merely model, but engaged in some real acting.
Movie stars can generally be separated into two categories: the supernaturally talented and the supernaturally attractive.
Stars in those days acted out studio-created liaisons, while their private lives remained mostly out of sight.
As the sun began to drop toward the horizon, the poles sprouted shadows and the tips sparkled as if stars were perched on them.
The fall from seven stars to four stars is, arithmetically, the same as the fall from four stars to one.
We watched each other typing and reacting to the words that scrolled next to our images, co-stars in a postmodern silent film.
One is that the way stars shine is inherently different than the way colors are represented on your screen.
When you look up at night, you might see a thousand stars.
Incredibly, nearly every single object in that picture is an entire galaxy, a vast collection of billions of stars.
But how can you distinguish planets from the background of stars.
Computers were slow, so they could only keep track of a few hundred or thousand stars, which limited the models severely.
The observatory stares at one spot in the sky, looking for stars whose brightness dips periodically.
Three stars are better than two, and two better than one.

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