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Example sentences for starry

And after dark, the constellations weave a starry canopy.
Of course the starry-eyed people will tell us that wind and solar can solve all of our problems and meet all of our energy needs.
But this is a misunderstanding of how starry talents work.
People have often sought solitude in the starry night sky, and it is an appropriate place for that.
They are, rather, starry-eyed extrapolations from experiments conducted on rats and mice.
He admires the lab's planetary missions and its starry-eyed romanticism for the cosmos.
Even starry-eyed outsiders who win elections on anti-corruption tickets seem to be captured by the system within months.
The crowd was friendly enough, but smaller than the crowds he used to attract during the campaign, and less starry-eyed.
Its new mate, in the starry moments of courtship, may find it easier to see the opportunities than the challenges.
Instead, starry tinkering that has been the order of the day.
His charisma attracted both starry-eyed sycophants and spiteful critics.
Maybe you can supply another instance of such starry billing.
By night, the pitch darkness is studded with starry diamonds.
And yet, a fair proportion of the people who become academic ecologists start out as starry-eyed environmentalists.
At two o'clock he wakened me from my slumbers in the smoking-room arm-chair, and led me blinking into the dark starry night.
The starry sky of nonself, perfectly mirrored deep inside.
From the loft bedroom, you can see the glow of the volcano caldera from one skylight and the starry skies from the other.
Commencement season is always peppered with starry graduation ceremonies.
The mingled aromas of mulled wine and gingerbread, thousands of starry lights and stalls heaving with crafts and gifts.
Against a starry night sky, the candlelit coach tumbles forward into the viewer's space.
In protected bays, flatfish such as yellowfin sole and starry flounder are often abundant.

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