starred in a sentence

Example sentences for starred

The next time humans set foot on the moon, they may well plant a five-starred red flag there.
Or call a film-buff friend to settle some disagreement about who starred in a movie.
Again he starred but, because of his caste, was refused the teaching job that his exam results should have guaranteed.
Foxx not only starred on the series but was the co-creator and executive producer, and also directed several episodes.
He starred in major minstrels, vaudeville, and musical comedy.
Starred pages online are indicated by the dark purple.
The starred items are required for approval of your provider.
Once starred, it cannot be acted on until one day after removal of the star.
If an index expression uses either of the two starred forms it is said to be a hyper-index expression.
Look carefully at the values in the starred columns.

Famous quotes containing the word starred

If Mr. Vincent Price were to be co-starred with Miss Bette Davis in a story by Mr. Edgar Allan Poe directed... more
No memory of having starred Atones for later disregard, Or keeps the end from being hard.... more
On a starred night Prince Lucifer uprose, Tired of his dark dominion, swung the fiend Above the rolling bal... more
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