starlit in a sentence

Example sentences for starlit

Astronomers have rarely seen dust this far beyond the starlit edge of a galaxy, and they do not know if it is common.
The throng drawn by the moving star in the heavens gathered and moved to the cr├Ęche scene in the blue light of a starlit night.
Early in the starlit evening, the smoke from the sacred fire began searing her eyes.
And fear than the fall of a leaf on a starlit stream.
Cow-horn trumpets and skin drums reverberate far into the next starlit night.
It is school vacation, long, heat-filled days and relaxed starlit nights.

Famous quotes containing the word starlit

Again the guns disturbed the hour, Roaring their readiness to avenge, As far inland a Stourton Tower, And Camelot, and <... more
I knew the youthfulness of the sixties: Talitha and Paul Getty lying on a starlit terrace in Marrakesh, bea... more
A starlit or a moonlit dome disdains All that man is, All mere complexities, The fury and the mire of human... more
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