starlit in a sentence

Example sentences for starlit

Astronomers have rarely seen dust this far beyond the starlit edge of a galaxy, and they do not know if it is common.
The throng drawn by the moving star in the heavens gathered and moved to the crèche scene in the blue light of a starlit night.
Early in the starlit evening, the smoke from the sacred fire began searing her eyes.
And fear than the fall of a leaf on a starlit stream.
Cow-horn trumpets and skin drums reverberate far into the next starlit night.
It is school vacation, long, heat-filled days and relaxed starlit nights.

Famous quotes containing the word starlit

Again the guns disturbed the hour, Roaring their readiness to avenge, As far inland a Stourton Tower, And Camelot, and <... more
I knew the youthfulness of the sixties: Talitha and Paul Getty lying on a starlit terrace in Marrakesh, bea... more
A starlit or a moonlit dome disdains All that man is, All mere complexities, The fury and the mire of human... more
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