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But the vast majority of the land remains wild and starkly beautiful.
Different cultures around the world have starkly contrasting diets and their gut bacteria are different too.
The nebula's tranquil name contrasts starkly with the violent activity that sculpted it.
In the end the image seemed more appropriate to this starkly beautiful land, so raw and new, so of the moment.
If they had reproduced starkly the utter bottomlessness of the thing, anything might have happened.
The shareholders face a choice between two starkly different proposals.
Such starkly contrasting notions of freedom find expression in politics, too.
The last few pages have been filled with two starkly different perceptions of my country.
It will not be weaker vs stronger economies that doom the euro, instead it will be the starkly different political priorities.
But remove the blinkers, and the flood of impressions could be starkly different.
Yet these global trends hide starkly different national and regional stories.
The vulnerability is now so starkly exposed that anything may indeed come to be.
Life as she lives it day by day is a series of battles fought along starkly moral lines.
It starkly portrays a desperation born of disgust, and then an exultation at lurching into a brief, sociopathic freedom.
Starkly modern, it becomes a jewel box at night with a glittering display of neon and fluorescent lights.
The neutral background silhouettes the two figures starkly, emphasizing their strong sculptural quality.
Those experiences are starkly contrasted in method and intent.
Rarely were two leaders so starkly different in nature, which perhaps explains the effectiveness of their combined efforts.

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