starfish in a sentence

Example sentences for starfish

If an arm of a starfish is cut off, you will have two starfish after regeneration.
It seems to me that the outbreak of crown-of thorns starfish is a natural event.
For added fun, put them around one of those starfish conference phones.
Rays glide along the sandy bottoms while octopi, starfish, seahorses and crabs cling to the rocks.
Among the coral reefs swim brightly colored starfish, gentle whale sharks and endangered green sea turtles.
Shells, starfish and driftwood are obvious choices for beach or lake house decor.
Starfish and sponges can also be seen along the shorelines.
Hermit crabs, starfish, small fish and even a small octopus have been spotted in the tide pools.
Starfish, toadfish, drum fish and sea urchins are fairly common sights.
When the tide recedes, check out the tide pools for marine life such as starfish and octopus.
At the aquarium, kids can touch live sea urchins and starfish.
Large trevally and starfish are common in the clear, shallow water of the lagoon.
Tide pools are home to aquatic life such as starfish and sea snails.
Another animal with venomous spines is the crown-of-thorns starfish.
The only real predator of the dark starfish is the triton.
Other organisms harmful to corals, such as crown-of-thorns starfish, multiply when the species that prey on them are removed.
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