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Example sentences for stare

In a plane, all stare in the same direction and maybe watch a movie and a lot of ads.
We take them everywhere and stare at them constantly.
The freshmen, gawky in their fatigues and heavy boots, slouch in their seats and stare dutifully at the screen.
Instead of having docile eyes, he would look at the keepers and stare them down.
We stare in the face of the bureaucracy and shrug our shoulders in a collective act of defeat.
It was an amateurish affair, in which she appeared to stare throughout at the wrong camera.
In the blink of this horse's eye, the blue sky becomes a counterpoint to its stare.
They would think that the best way to resist the marshmallow is to stare right at it, to keep a close eye on the goal.
My first response is always to stop talking myself and stare intently at the culprits.
It's useful when describing people who respond to a question with a blank, slack-jawed stare.
Others take a quiet approach and simply confront the animals with a silent stare.
He's not going to let you stare off into space the rest of the day.
Because you can now stare at your own enchanting visage, you'll get perfect framing and focusing every time.
During a lecture, don't stare at me or anyone else for over three seconds.
It has never been so geographically stimulating to stare at a computer screen.
Stare at at ten watt laser for one second and your retinas will be permanently burned.
Others clear their throats and stare intently, a warning to the user that this has gone on too loudly, too long.
All you can do is stand right next to the table and stare.
My upward stare lingered, even while my feet were walking in the other direction.
If you stare at the lettuce long enough, you'll see the wrinkles slowly move toward the back until they cover the entire thing.
His official stare through his trademark spectacles-part sneer, part aloof school teacher-can seem comical.
Having to stare at the boring, white wall instead of being able to participate in whatever was going on in the room.
The goal is to quantify and explain the dimensions of the irrationality, not stare at it frowning.
People at neighboring tables, mostly fair-skinned, stare at him as if he.
IN a futuristic penthouse with floor-to-ceiling windows and holographic artworks, two fierce combatants stare each other down.
Now there's a great administrator for you: someone who can stare disaster in the face and meet it with equanimity.
We reach the rim by dusk and erect our tents, then stand on the edge and stare down into the crater.
He's more for the long, insolent stare with a couple of slow blinks.
If you get a blank stare as an answer, that tells you something important.
Eh, it gives them something to do now they don't have daily opinion polls to stare at.
Everyone is wearing the same clothes, with the same blank stare on their faces, without a thought of their own.
Face adversity squarely in the eye, stare it down and defeat it.
Or you can stare at tiny screens and see your own fonts come to life, which is its own type of fun.
Every so often, freeze in mid sentence and stare off into space for several minutes.
Stare out the window for a while, get up and move around the house or take a walk.
From the start of any street you can stare down it and see blue ocean at the other end.
Then they would suddenly stop, stare into space for a moment, and set off in another direction.
She and her school-age brood stare curiously through the grille at the people and machines on the other side.
These are short videos in which the subjects simply stare into the camera.
They seem to stare right through you, penetrating your soul.
The sky was high and so blue it gave you vertigo to stare into it.
The whole boat crew pauses to stare at the screen and marvel at a piece of kelp studded with fuzzy pink anemones.
When you stare at an image, the neurons in your retina eventually adapt to this unchanging stimulus and stop responding to it.
Their craniums have turned green and their dark, haunting eye sockets stare directly at intruders.
Ask a quantum physicist to explain why quantum interactions are probabilistic and you'll get a blank stare.
For a single second they stare at each other, blankly, and then the horror gathers.
As with the sun, it is important not to stare at the light box directly.
What matters are a few nonessential people, and what they do is mostly stare into and manipulate screens.
He tried not to stare, but his eyes couldn't help lingering on the unexpected loveliness before him.
Click play, and stare at the white dot in the center.
At last, our first chance to crack open and stare directly into the heart of a spherical body in space.
Totally off topic but still pretty cool: stare at the crater in the top picture for a few seconds.
But so foreign is this idea to them that they stare at me in utter disbelief.
She puts a long unsmiling unblinking stare on her face and frightens herself with it.
At bath time, she would lie in the tub and stare at the linen closet, which she thought housed a devil.
But there's something big that the smartphone, try as it might, has not been able to stare down into oblivion: pen and paper.
He learned to live with pain, to stare at a stranger's face in the mirror.
You'd never want to get on her bad side, though, or she would stare you down with her intense blue eyes.
Along a wall, environment programmers stare intently at screens, fine-tuning scenery in the latest levels.
They may stare at you, but they won't invade your space.
Theatergoers usually expect to stare, not to be stared at.
Their manuscripts are digital scans of the body, illuminated into images so startlingly vivid that even scientists stop and stare.
We'd go to the movies and everybody would stare at us on the line.
We'd go to the grocery store and everybody would stare at you.
They stare and giggle at us, waiting for their husbands, uncles and brothers to arrive.
Ask him about khat and all you'll probably get will be a blank stare.

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