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And for one star-studded evening they went back in time to re-create the dishes that made them famous.
As his star begins to fade, advertisers need successful and popular replacements to light up their prospects.
For the first time, astronomers have watched the spiraling dance performed by two stars merging into a single star.
For years, astronomers tried to define a planet by shape, orbit around a star and its influence on other bodies.
Last fall found two rockers and a hip-hop star heading to college campuses to share their knowledge with students.
Planets orbiting stars beyond the sun are labelled merely with the name of the star and a suffix letter.
Come winter, he might be soldering icicles into glittering loops or star bursts with his bare fingers.
Knowing that you are working for a dog is not particularly motivating, whereas working for an acknowledged star usually is.
Fluctuating star discovered four centuries ago still holds surprises for astronomers.
Though they understand how a star produces heat and light, solar dynamics are complex and still rather mysterious.
While the planet is an exciting find, it's parental star is also quite interesting as well.
Astronomers have gained their sharpest ever view of a supergiant star that could be on the verge of exploding as a supernova.
Astronomers have spotted the nearest and youngest star ringed by the dusty debris from which planets are born.
New computer simulations may help astronomers better explain the slow pace of star formation.
After a dying star consumes its last bit of hydrogen, it begins burning heavier elements at higher temperatures.
Their mistake lies in the failure to recognize the enormous marketing value of a star system.
His colleagues whisper that his planet doesn't go all the way around his star.
And the east see thy morn hide the beams of her star.
Lacking his star quality, she has shunned the limelight.
Two hours late for a press conference and unable to leave her room, the film star was having a crisis of confidence.
One of them wears a woollen hat with a white star on a red ground.
The length of a star's life depends on how fast it uses up its nuclear fuel.
Astronomers spot earliest light signifying a star's doom.
The twisting makes the matter precess, or wobble, as it spirals into the dead star.
But at the low temperatures found in a star-forming cloud, hydrogen pairs up into molecules that do not readily emit radiation.
Star-shaped reddish purple flowers appear in large dramatic clusters in early spring.
Pure ground dried red chiles are the star of this simple stew.
These pretty star-shaped cookies are full of buttery cashews.
Ground almonds are the star in this light cake with sweet-tart raspberry sauce.
We've trained star jasmine up the arbors and planted annuals in the remaining space.
Green beans are a workhorse vegetable: nothing flashy, rarely the star, but always dependable in a supporting role.
Helium sinks to the star's core and raises the star's temperature-causing its outer shell to expand.
Rocky planets are forming-and occasionally colliding-around a nearby star, scientists say.
If three's a crowd, a new planet recently discovered orbiting a sunlike star is really cluttering up its neighborhood.
Star visibility is improved by clean, dry air and viewing from high elevations.
Judged by their unusual snouts, star-nosed moles should be celebrities of the animal kingdom.
In a way, the only thing that has kept him from being a star of their magnitude is his lack of idiosyncrasy.
By the end the nights were bitter, the star had lost her glitter, but he was hanging in there.
For the first time ever, an extrasolar planet has been detected due to its physically slinging around its parent star.
Any star emitting mostly green will be putting out lots of red and blue as well, making the star look white.
And the exploding star that created it may have been as bright as the full moon.
All in all, an amazing and somewhat unsettling picture of a star seen close up.
Star factories also produce sugars-and might seed planets with the ingredients for life.
Readers with a keen eye might have noticed the star in the middle is a bit off-center.
Another way is to measure the light the star produces which is the result of conditions at the star surface.
The change from spherical to cubic neutrons should have a big influence on the behaviour a neutron star.
The general thinking is that these conditions can only exist at a certain distance from the star--the so-called habitable zone.
The problem boils down to determining the inherent brightness of a star, a property called its absolute magnitude.
The properties of this helium crystal determine how quickly the star cools.
Simply point the device at the star or planet of interest and press a button.
Though it still has a large audience, its star has steadily faded.
Perhaps they might be relevant in a neutron star, if electrons weren't already excluded.
Add a cheesy sauce and some noodles and you've got a star right there on the dinner table.
Now you can transform your everyday roast into the holiday's star attraction with a few insider tips used by the pros.
Next thing she knew, there was a redheaded, full-fledged movie star in the mirror.
It's difficult to recall a situation when a photographer has had such steady, tag-along access to a moody, elusive star.
She's got so much talent, she's at the top echelon of where any star has been.

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