stank in a sentence

Example sentences for stank

It turned the water brown, it stank, it killed the fish.
Plainly, he sat at the pinnacle of a system that stank of patronage and corruption.
The train got its name from the early diesel engines it used, which stank to high heaven before technology corrected the problem.
If you feel that your jeans are getting a little stank, put them in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer overnight.
The soldiers lived on a diet of beans and beef, and after a few hours at sea the ship stank of vomit.
She had no power in her arms and her breath stank of drink.
While such a system may sound appealing, in reality it stank.
The stank that clings to your clothes and fingers after every date.
The house stank in a four-acre yard planted with mature hardwoods.

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