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The logo, even after being fixed, is still incorrect from an engineering standpoint.
For business and home owners, energy use can be a concern from both a fiscal and moral standpoint.
Well, they have a point, but only from the standpoint of maximum timber production.
The good news from a species survival standpoint might be that far more females survive than males.
From an environmental standpoint, the situation isn't much better.
He is the single unifying source, not from a military standpoint but from a political standpoint.
From a health standpoint, charcoal actually is better for cooking and heating than wood, which produces more toxic emissions.
Often, students think about financial aid from a personal standpoint.
From a branding standpoint, there are two proprietary components to the new medallion: its shape and its typography.
From a public-safety standpoint, it's not a rational allocation of resources.
From a psychological standpoint it was a bit worrisome how easy this turned out to be, and to be honest it never entirely stopped.
Much more important from the artistic standpoint were the comedies proceeding by means of social satire.
He had been a magazinist all his life, and he had learned to view the tale from the standpoint of the editor.
They collected examples and first treated them from a purely descriptive standpoint.
His philosophic standpoint is betrayed in almost every line of criticism they contain.
The investigation of these dreams is also advisable from another standpoint.
Many of the finest among them are still with us, never improved upon from a culinary standpoint.
Maybe it is a big mistake of mine from the political standpoint.
From this standpoint, the confidence of central bankers in their ability to forecast is quite astonishing.
From a political standpoint, too, the moves were a success.
The best standpoint to criticise private equity is as an investor.
But understanding it, from a scientific standpoint, has long proved elusive.
There is evidence that, from a productivity standpoint, firms get less value from older workers.
But from a sociological standpoint what's going on here doesn't meaningfully differ from any other sort of purge.
As remarkable as the above line is from an historical standpoint, it's easily understandable.
From the standpoint of economic stability, the euro has been a success.
The structure of the debt matters, especially from a liquidity risk standpoint.
From an environmental standpoint, this is astounding.
From a purely economic standpoint, probably not much.
The operating reserve while sensible from a business standpoint also allows for creative discretion in its allocation.
From a consumer standpoint they made a lot of sense.
It seemed silly from a personal standpoint, but his proposals are reasonable.
And from a curatorial standpoint, many of the objects they housed were exquisite.
Regular exercise leads to numerous and varied physiological changes that are beneficial from a health standpoint.
The contributions do not seem to encode anything particularly important from a functional standpoint, however.
Until the intellectual property expires, they have the sole rights for working on that gene from a scientific standpoint.
Nor is it really worthy from a technical standpoint, since he offers nothing in that direction beyond generalities.
Their proof is statistical and from a statistics standpoint claiming proof without a control group is silly.
Even purely from an economics standpoint, much more open and exciting.
The present production is highly effective from a photographic standpoint, but the incidents are often strained.
From the standpoint of plot, there isn't that much to tell.
Which was too bad from a public-spectacle standpoint.
From the real estate market's standpoint this strategy is also positive.
From both the borrower and investor standpoint, making these principal reductions happen will be a challenge.
From an accounting standpoint, the answer is not particularly meaningful.
So success and failure should have looked approximately the same from the market's standpoint anyway.
From a national standpoint, however, the bill is a costly distraction.
If a credit crunch takes hold, then no firm is safe from failure from a liquidity standpoint.
From a farming standpoint, the growth rate has enormous economic consequences.
It's none of my business that from the team's standpoint, neither offer made any sense.
No matter how you got into that state, from the standpoint of your parents brought you there or what have you.
Therefore it can't give it the same treatment as its own social network's content, from a technical standpoint.
From a libertarian standpoint, the fact that civil and divine marriage share the same name is irrelevant.
Strange as this looks from a practical standpoint, it's even stranger in theory.
From a technical standpoint it was for both sides a marvel of military incompetence.
From a practical standpoint, the study suggests an inexpensive, low-tech way to get doctors to wash their hands more often.
From the standpoint of the present, the scenarios always seem implausible.
But from a practical standpoint, these executive orders won't have much of an impact on the economy.
To grasp what these national figures really mean, it helps to approach them from the standpoint of the individual student.
My only real complaint from a hardware standpoint is that the swivel hinge is surprisingly difficult to manipulate.
From a technical standpoint, many don't believe that they have the ability to actually pull it off.
From a cost standpoint, you are better off investing in utility solar and buying some extra batteries.
From an economic, standpoint copyright and patent laws are granting monopolies to people in a much smaller sense of the term.
And that's the important question, from the standpoint of setting safety standards.
My first few cases with the new shunt went fine from the surgical standpoint.
It means that from the standpoint of the human, his or her attention is flickering around.
From an emotional standpoint it goes against the grain.
But from that standpoint as well, they seem ill-advised.
From a quantum-mechanical standpoint, this is break-through amazing.
The student started off at a negative standpoint and came out at the same level as the other students.
One can also argue from an evolution theoretical standpoint.
From a philosophical standpoint, of course it's easy to reject animal research if it hurts animals and has no benefits.
From a engineering standpoint, airlift beats trust in matters of getting out of the troposphere.
Krauss raises some interesting points from a scientific standpoint.
In terms of the individual, nothing else matters from a reproductive and evolutionary standpoint.
The political left is arguing from a reasonable, defensible standpoint.
The agnostic standpoint is the only true one for any real skeptic.
From an integral standpoint, spiritual beliefs are an upper left quadrant item, while physical science is upper right.
From a marketing standpoint, it was probably a wise move.
That's reason for concern from a scientific standpoint, he says, since other known strains of the fungus are not as deadly.
But from our standpoint, it does give us an opportunity to say we're here.
It's significant from the standpoint of interest rates and interest-rate spreads in certain sectors.
These products are all the same, from a nutritional standpoint.
Some scientists see this as a troubling sign of things to come from an intellectual-property standpoint.
So the final conclusion, from an intelligence standpoint, was twofold.
Proper fertility management in corn production is important both from an economic and environmental standpoint.

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