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Many eco-friendly homes have standing-seam metal roofs, which are low maintenance and light in color and also reflect the sun.
The waiter, still standing there, was obviously horrified.
Standing waist-deep in muddy water, they chew coca leaves to stave off exhaustion and hunger.
Everyone looks happy, standing in line, talking to each other.
Its population was not large enough to support a standing army.
Outside, a worker standing waist-deep in the raceway crowded the fish toward a hydraulic pump, using a broom to goad stragglers.
The school's long-standing expertise in public-sector management attracts students from diverse backgrounds.
Any plan that did not give local people cause to keep their trees standing would surely fail.
Many countries seeking to improve their global scientific standing want to increase these figures.
Now the poor countries are standing up for their right to a little bit of that space too.
The government's public standing could hardly be lower.
The plaintiffs originally included religiously motivated groups, who were ruled to lack legal standing.
Lucky catch supports long-standing view of supernova shock wave.
Imagine that you are looking at a dog that is standing behind a picket fence.
Poor impulse control combined with inadequate self esteem or lower social standing is enough to create sociopathic behavior.
Some tombs and city walls that were reinforced with the stuff are still standing.
All of those people lining the road waiting for the bus to come by, standing innocently in the way.
He becomes a martyr for standing up to the law and marrying people.
When it's not your only source of income and professional standing, it can be great.
No longer are you standing outside the rope trying to catch the doorman's eye, waiting hungrily to be admitted.
It was altogether charming, but the prettiest thing of all was a little maiden standing at the open door of the castle.
None of the words and expressions which are taboo in good society will be found in books of proved literary standing.
Hence when the corn on one farm is all cut, he flees to another where there is still corn left standing.
The standing breakfast differs from the sit-down breakfast in service only.
Standing here, one faces a magnificent vista, opening up on this city's special beauty and history.
Standing only a few feet tall this youngling pads up and hits the pavement rolling at full speed.
These little shreds indeed standing for you and me and all.
What is going on is a war of ideas, based in turn on moral standing.
Mum was standing on the balcony in a daze, holding me over the railing.
Of course, celebrities writing about celebrities is a long-standing tradition.
In preparation for her throw she was standing directly facing the plate.
Presidential primary campaigns have a way of either enhancing a candidate's standing and reputation, or diminishing it.
It won't tick down when you're standing in the safe purple areas, though.
The only people in imminent danger are the guys standing around the makeshift launchpad.
But new genetic evidence shows that elephants found on the island come from a long-standing, indigenous population.
Have the students try to have a conversation when they feel that their conversation partner is standing too close or too far away.
Claiming that the long-standing mud-brick structures are unsafe, officials clear space for high-rises.
Why the sturgeons jump has been the topic of a long-standing debate.
But the exact reason for the oxygen spike has been a long-standing puzzle.
Neither has the nature of their apparent link to lightning formation, about which many long-standing mysteries remain.
The tornado seems to be standing still too, not moving one way or the other.
The chirps are loud enough that humans can hear the sounds while standing at the edge of a boatman's pond.
In truth, we've been standing tall in shoes for centuries.
Many of these statues are still standing at different sites around the island.
But enabling computers to grasp these same concepts has been the subject of long-standing research.
The test helps explain a long-standing puzzle in oncology.
We now have a legal system that gives everyone standing to suit.
It continued on and on, and then turned into a standing ovation, lasting three or four minutes.
Whatever the merits of these policies they are based on a long-standing, but still mostly secret, strategy.
On the bridge above me, thousands of people had gathered to watch, standing on railings and shoulders.
The only other individual nearby was a dozen spaced tables away, by himself, standing upright.
If you ate something while standing near her, she stared at it going into your mouth.
But after a few months the rift would inevitably heal and the friendship return to good standing.
Be aware of where the viewer is standing at all times.
None of these groups has any standing in mainstream climate science.
Why that pattern exists has been a long-standing puzzle.
Now imagine you are standing on a beach, looking out over the ocean to the horizon.
The trick depends on creating a standing wave with regions of low and high pressure.
They want a blaze hot enough to destroy downed wood, but cool enough so little harm is done to standing timber.
She eviscerates so elegantly that her corpses remain standing.
Place a tall, standing floor candelabra or candle holder at one corner of the room.

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