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Among other accomplishments, the emperor standardized weights and measures and introduced a uniform writing script.
Modern humans' stone tools and weapons usually featured elongated, standardized, finely crafted blades.
Pottery and tools of copper and stone were standardized.
There was no standardized time until train travel became common.
Their typical structure is perfect for solar panels: rows of standardized buildings with flat roofs.
Each researcher's interaction with a kit is standardized and videotaped: opening a cage, reaching a hand in, touching the fox.
They took scores of standardized tests, then marched off to college after borrowing enough money.
The fact of the matter is that software is not now, and may never be, as standardized as hardware.
Second, standardized test companies only allow a certain range of calculators to be used.
The difference has to do with the lab tests and concentration criteria that are used-neither of which is standardized.
GE has intended it to be highly standardized so that any competent machine shop can produce parts for any location.
But some say that new functionality will need to be standardized.
In the same manner that headlamp bulbs, etc used to be standardized.
Cloud computing will not come of age until and unless everything is standardized at the fundamental level.
It could be easily solved by a standardized battery design, and a standardized battery docking compartment across vehicles.
Our idea was to have a standardized battery system across all manufacturers, too.
Tendency is fostered by the universal acceptance of and the importance bestowed on,standardized tests.
Crew members fill out a lengthy, standardized personality test and then answer a weekly questionnaire.
There may be no difference in efficacy between individualized and standardized acupuncture treatment.
These ranges are available across the country and largely standardized across the world.
It doesn't have sockets, standardized interconnects or a proprietary bus.
In an era of structured education and standardized testing, this generational difference might not yet be evident.
Standardized spelling enables readers to understand writing, to aid communication and ensure clarity.
But people had clerks who wrote in standardized scripts, or they did so themselves when necessary.
Since the data is exported from the iPod in a standardized format, it's relatively easy for other services to manipulate.
Whether or not the current standardized tests are doing a good job of measuring is besides the point.
McDonald's does well by utilizing economies of scale and selling a small number of products in a standardized fashion.
There are plenty of scams to be found in, say, online education or standardized testing.
The same thing is true of scores on standardized tests.
It is one of the few standardized tests not administered electronically.
Of course, do well on standardized tests and present a polished, professional application.
They argue the evaluation systems are too dependent on standardized tests.
Standardized derivative contracts would be traded on regulated exchanges.

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