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The rise in the material standard of living seems to be inseparably linked to increased energy usage.
The real question is the standard of living of people at every income level and whether the basic needs of the poor are being met.
Mainly because so far it has had surprisingly little impact on our standard of living.
The aggregate data show no long-run negative effect of population growth upon standard of living.
The effect of tapering off will be to spread the money more widely, supporting more musicians at an adequate standard of living.
In our era, the standard of living has progressed at an amazing and ever-accelerating rate.
The ones that represent tremendous threats to our national security and are already compromising our standard of living.
Support from these energy servants is the source of our high standard of living.
Oil revenue, which is unevenly distributed among the emirates, generally provides a high standard of living.
If you go for the job be sure to make sure that the pay is high enough to afford a reasonable standard of living.
The consequences for my family's standard of living would be serious.
But the financial crises made them borrow against their house and their standard of living has fallen sharply.
In other words, some people who had taken out student loans had used them to enhance their standard of living.
Better water and sewage systems and a more responsive, efficient power grid are vital to maintain our standard of living.
The corporation can pay lower wages, because the standard of living in less developed countries is much lower.
We have one of the highest standard of living indexes in the world.
Thus stealing your purchasing power as the consumer and reducing your standard of living.
They had a low standard of living, and no time for civic and community participation, due to their long hours.
The move from an agrarian society to an industrial society allowed vast increases in the standard of living.
Most would tap into their savings rather than reduce their standard of living.
They don't care about anybody's livelihood, anybody's standard of living unless they can use it as a club against you.
Then our writers when they have made some money increase their standard of living and they are caught.
These innovations not only raised the standard of living but also fostered the growth of democracy.
Most of us living in the developed world enjoy an unprecedentedly high standard of living.
When insulation was invented, the standard of living did not go down.
Wealth, and standard of living has a huge effect on longevity.
We have arguably the highest standard of living in the world.
Then people would be in a better position to learn how to get a better standard of living.
Billions in developing nations that need cheap energy to raise their standard of living.
The financial industry makes nothing of value and therefore cannot maintain, let alone raise, the nation's standard of living.
And a reduction in per capita output implies a reduction in standard of living.
We can maintain a high standard of living in the next decade or two by changing nothing.
We live longer and have a higher standard of living.
The environment has improved dramatically as our standard of living has improved.
They may have borrowed from the future, using debt to enjoy a standard of living that is unsustainable.
The diminishing demand under the standard of living agreement made the demand idle because of the shortage of consumption.
In theory a poverty count is supposed to calculate how many people fail to meet a certain standard of living.
Taxes reduce the incentive to work an extra hour rather than go home, once a reasonable standard of living has been reached.
Half thought the next generation would have a lower standard of living, double the share that thought living standards would rise.
The new plant will generate a better economy and eventually a higher standard of living in the area.
The resulting boom created an overvalued currency and higher standard of living that few were tempted to question.
The second task for the new president will be to improve the standard of living.
In the long run, a nation's standard of living depends on its productivity.
We improve our standard of living by increasing efficiency.
Standard of living is a bit more measurable and probably more relevant.
Taxes don't disappear in retirement--and they can be an important variable in determining your standard of living.
Other support goes toward health programs and programs to generate jobs and improve the overall standard of living.
That's what on average directs resources into investments that raise the standard of living and away from those that do not.
It says nothing about what drives the economy, ie creates wealth, and improves the standard of living.
Compared with the rest of the world, industrial nations enjoy a lavish standard of living.
Nevertheless, other households in the low-saving group could face a decline in their standard of living in retirement.
For the standard of living to rise, the productivity of workers must rise.
Our society's capacity for invention and innovation helps to drive economic growth and our improved standard of living.

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