standard model in a sentence

Example sentences for standard model

She plans to test it next in dogs, which are a standard model for new hemophilia treatments.
It is a fugitive within a theory called the standard model, which describes all the fundamental particles in the universe.
That's why they aren't comfortable with their own standard model of particle physics.
Contrary, the standard model mixes up three mutually contradiction concepts of photons and they did not even know it.
We include a lot of pieces from standard model kits.
Most believe that the particle is the last key part of the standard model of particle physics.
The standard model persists because the predictions it makes are consistently validated by experiment.
At the time many of the particles predicted by the standard model were yet to be seen.
The standard model predicts a core of mostly hydrogen and helium.
Consider the standard model of particle physics, for example.
Readers without a grasp of the so-called standard model in particle physics may well flounder in the chapter on the physics prize.
The standard model still doesn't describe magnets' spooky action at a distance.
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