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It is a fugitive within a theory called the standard model, which describes all the fundamental particles in the universe.
The condensates are not standard gases, liquids or even solids.
And then there's the microwave, the gold standard of collegiate cooking appliances.
If so, the study would contradict the standard conception of memory.
But poor people on the planet are going to want to have a decent standard of living.
To have a decent standard of living requires energy.
But while setting a standard is one matter, achieving it is another.
It is all but drowned out by the snaps and the crackles and pops of what is by any standard a primitive recording.
But the gold standard for being a hominid was upright walking.
Tesla's vehicles use standard lithium-ion battery cells.
Now a new industry standard promises to be able to identify pirated material with phenomenal accuracy in a matter of seconds.
Some of the evidence from individual countries conforms to standard economic reasoning.
But it is not the absolute standard of living that determines a people's morale, but the momentum.
The poem is altogether above the standard of school-prizes.
His view is that the simple idea is the test and standard of reality.
But the poetry is not memorable, except for some verses by the few standard poets.
If a tent is built, it is left as it is-a tent-with perhaps some standard trees at intervals to give it a decorated appearance.
It's standard for an appointment to be subject to final approval by the board of trustees.
The standard undergraduate degree at universities is the bachelor's, which typically requires four to six years of study.
The standard postgraduate degrees are the master's and the doctorate.
Standard government hiring puts a heavy emphasis on applicants' experience in the public sector.
Oil revenue, which is unevenly distributed among the emirates, generally provides a high standard of living.
In comparison, a typical college instructor with a standard teaching load will spend nine hours a week directly teaching.
In a scientific proposal, you need not explain each standard laboratory technique in detail.
Future doesn't really diverge much from the standard formula: you run, double jump, and shoot things.
And that is the standard that caused all the controversy and continues to cause all the controversy.
Those locales never deviated from standard time within their particular time zones.
Those locales never deviate from standard time within their particular time zones.
The standard is so tough that relatively few models would meet it.
Though mostly on the cheapest models and performance models, they are standard on a few family sedans, too.
And folks who appreciate laptop features might, well, stick to a standard laptop.
In fact, in some areas of journalism that's standard practice.
But whatever be the standard fixed, it is equally for the interest of all concerned that it be enforced without flinching.
But the standard of living in any given profession is much lower.
Gibbon's writing sets a standard for literary bravery.
If it meets specifications, it will charge up overnight from any standard electrical socket.
The latter may be explained by the standard of worldly success which this visited families hold.
Today computers are standard tools for amateur and professional literary investigators alike.
It is a standard-bearer for a system of moral values.
Usually, fuzzy controllers are implemented as software running on standard microprocessors.
The standard method currently requires several pinpricks a day to obtain small blood samples for testing.
Hospital-borne infections are all too common, with more and more strains developing resistance to standard antibiotic treatments.
But the flipping isn't quite matching up with the predictions of the standard model of particle physics.
As radar images represent surface backscatter rather than reflected light, there is no colour in a standard radar image.
They recorded the sounds made by an approaching hybrid vehicle and by a car with a standard, internal combustion engine.
At the same time, the wires block less incoming light than their standard counterparts.
They haven't been able to solve the protein structure using standard computational methods.
The standard method of doing this research replaces slugs with a lab dish containing the animals' nerve cells.
The resin-heavy broth transforms would-be standard pub fare into a debutante's delight of a dinner.
Standard historical fiction tends to consist of plausible stories that have been grafted onto enduring historical facts.
She was not comfortable driving a standard transmission.
Way too big for his tank, too, having outgrown the standard goldfish age limit.
It didn't always meet his standard of unintimidated truthfulness.
By fixing currencies to gold, the gold standard also fixed them to each other.
The standard horsecar, which seated twenty, was drawn by a pair of roans and ran sixteen hours a day.
Yet this standard industrial product does something strange.
Before forensics, the standard process of authentication involved establishing provenance.
Everyone else has been turned into your standard post-apocalyptic zombies.
We really want it to be the gold standard of how you do a conversion.
By that standard, it is one of the poorest countries in the world.
And that has fallen to three standard deviations away.
The standard practice back then was, negatives were disposed of after six months.
He set the standard for how contemporary art should be shown.
The standard model still doesn't describe magnets' spooky action at a distance.
It wasn't until the turn of the century that it began to be accepted as a kind of standard practice for journalism.
His papers and lectures set a new standard for clarity of exposition.
Instead, the beads gather the light and re-focus it, channelling it into a standard microscope.
Seems pretty simple with the standard method, cutting through the center four times to create eight equitable slices.
The table shows bootstrapped admixture estimates and standard deviations.
The mystery is why these deep manure pits, standard practice for years, are suddenly foaming over the top.
Overnight, antibiotics became the standard treatment.
Ideally this can be done by enforcing safety testing to place a safety standard trademark on your component.
In his standard demonstration, he then disconnects one of its four legs.
The disks must be cooled with circulating water rather than standard fans.
Industrial robots, which are widely used in manufacturing, work with parts that come in standard shapes and sizes.
Fortunately, he supplies us with a standard of his own.
The standard package includes motor vehicle fuels, electricity, and gas for residential uses.
The knowledge came ordered into standard categories which could be pursued through a card catalog and into the pages of the books.
Their political opposition to a uniform national welfare standard can be depended upon.
Any opera house director would have been delighted to engage this great star to dance the standard ballet repertory.
In dealing with propagandistic art on the left and on the right, a double standard prevails.
Before putting journalism on trial, a more responsive standard of public interest should surely be applied.
In many ways, these companies are technology's standard-bearers, though their guiding philosophies differ.
By any quantifiable standard, the city is on life support.
Also called best practice, standard medical care, and standard of care.
The standard deviation is how much a set of data is different from the curve it should make when plotted on a graph.

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