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Example sentences for stand up

When they tire of singing they stand up and dance gaily in a ring till evening.
Have students stand up and begin making their whale calls softly.
The idea that a building's walls will stand up seems as safe a bet as gravity's pull or the sun's rising.
Be systematic and organized, stand up, and speak more loudly than you usually do.
But those ideas are often rejected because the creative innovator must stand up to vested interests and defy the crowd.
When the music stops, the students in the inner ring stand up and rotate to the next partner.
Considering the potential stakes, it's worth being skeptical of claims to make sure that they stand up to rigor.
The contraction also causes the hair to stand up whenever the body feels cold.
UL also tests the products' capacity to stand up to the rigors of home use.
Your argument doesn't stand up when you look at the poorer nations.
But these are simplistic arguments you offer that hardly stand up to close scrutiny.
It also mandates that only manufacturers need to determine if a supplement can stand up to claims made about its benefits.
If he feels and he may have indeed a point that someone has snatched his work, he should stand up and say so.
But the gold standard also has to stand up and take a bow.
She's built her brand on her willingness to stand up to him.
When servers are not busy, they should stand up straight and reside quietly in their sections.
They stand up as they do so, but take their own sweet time about it.
The boots made legs and feet feel heavy, encased, obliging then wearer to stand up straight.
The problem was that it didn't stand up well to tension or shearing.
The codices wouldn't stand up as scientific evidence.
He then made me stand up-a rather shaky thing for me-then sit in his chair and take my shoes off.
The fleas would stand up on the fibers, arm their legs and track my optical angle.
We have become soft as humans by not taking the time to stand up for what is right.
Not when he was so sick from chemotherapy that he couldn't stand up.
Whether his rise to stardom proves short-lived will depend largely on whether his allegations stand up.
But when it failed to stand up to scrutiny, confusion-and eventually outrage-ensued.
Nor does the argument about dangerous irredentism stand up.
Yet the more fundamental argument that armed drones somehow breach the laws of war does not, at present, stand up.
If people stand up holding coffee, they won't bring their lap tops and stay for eight hours.
It's too loud to talk or sleep, shakes too much to do work, and somebody yells at you if you stand up.
Still, you can also move faster and get farther if you stand up.
So remove the blinkers, stand up for my right to express my views.
Nobody has the wit or gumption to stand up and lift the stylus.
His coat is so laden with tokens of distinction that it looks as if it could stand up by itself.
She always finds a way to stand up and to decide what she wants to do and what kind of life she wants to live and she lives it.
There are always some times when you must stand up for your rights.

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