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Example sentences for stand by

It's a permeant statement to one's self or to the world, regardless if you stand by it for the rest of your life or not.
One at a time, the cheetah is taken from its enclosure on a leash as four people stand by.
When people stand by the unethical actions of their subordinates, they own that unethical action.
It's quite sad to see faculty stand by idly as their profession does down the tubes.
If you must be negative, have the nerve to stand by what you think and sign your name to it.
She continues to stand by the allegations in her lawsuit.
After listening to advice from everyone in academe, make carefully considered, rational decisions and stand by them.
Bad press damages public shareholders but can benefit the hearty souls who stand by the company.
They look tough as their own dried fish, and stand by with an air of power and pride.
Both teams stand by their own work and suggest the other made errors related to geographic variability.
To me that is invaluable and explains why people stand by and let others come to harm.
It also doesn't help when adults stand by and witness kids bullying each other and they don't step in to stop it.
There chanced to stand by a certain jesting parasite, or scoffer, which would seem to resemble and counterfeit the fool.
We stand by as millions die each year because they are too poor to stay alive.
All funerals invite those who stand by the grave to think about what, if anything, they believe in.
The increases, on top of others made earlier this year, are helping the company stand by its full-year earnings growth target.
Sworn to secrecy, the fill-in must stand by in silence as the star receives all the praises and plaudits.
Yet stand by the sea and watch the irregularity of its edge, and you begin to doubt.
German taxpayers cannot be expected to stand by quietly even if they do vote in favour of the package.
These redistricting battles may be even more annoying for voters, forced to stand by while partisans scrabble over turf.
In other words, stand by for a rate rise next month.
In a speech this week, he promised to stand by the farmers.
But to stand by as both core and headline consumer prices tumble is extremely odd behaviour.
All who stand by her side, should know they are condoning her actions.
It would be good to get a commissioner and deputies in there who have the integrity to stand by the science.
He made his choice when applying for the grant, and has to stand by it.
Stop at a safe distance and stand by for a green light.
My father loved to stand by the door and greet people.
It's about people who have made a decision to really stand by you as friends.
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