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Example sentences for stand

The engineers take dozens of blades and stand them upright in a vacuum chamber.
Some stand behind podiums while others sit at desks.
Another way to stand an egg up-on any day-is to use salt.
UL also tests the products' capacity to stand up to the rigors of home use.
The ideal solution for some of these problems is to attach your camera to a copy stand.
If it's a sunny day, have your subjects stand in the brightest patch of shade you can find.
Asteroids are warmer than the background sky and therefore stand out in the infrared.
But he's jumpy around bees now and even the sound of a fly makes the hairs on his arms stand up.
Back-pain sufferers may find some relief in a new diagnostic tool that allows patients to stand up while being scanned.
Faculty need to take a stand against a cynical overreliance on loans that hamstrings our graduate students.
On one side of that line stand societies sure of their civilised values.
Galveston residents stand atop the wreckage of their homes.
Instead of one universal evolutionary tree, picture a three-trunk stand sharing a communal root system.
They realized it was one of the governor's vessels, and they shouted for their crewmates to stand with them.
Jerry wanted a tree with a light-colored trunk so it would stand out against a dark brown fence that surrounds the planting area.
His repair stand is the dirt floor, and his tools are home-made.
When it comes to air travel, it seems to me that there are a few things that could stand improvement.
Designers stand between revolutions and everyday life.
Ask these students where they think they would stand in the marsh at low tide.
Something that would stand out in the sea of aging desert bungalows, but that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.
But one systems admin is making a lonely last stand.
If your desk tends to get piled with stacks of paper, a post-it note might not stand out enough to be a good reminder.
Saguaro cacti stand in the desert as a thunderstorm rolls overhead.
We stand in warm rain on a dirt road and contemplate a cattle pasture.
Rose, lilac, or purple flowers in dense clusters on erect stems that stand well above leaves.
And then you get to figure out how to keep your job and your sanity while reporting to someone you can't stand.
The chimpanzees' hair will stand on end and then they start this rhythmic swaying from side to side.
The succulent texture and robust flavor of boned, skinned chicken thighs stand up well to braising in this dish.
When herds stand next to power lines, which emit a mild electromagnetic field, they point in different directions.
The insect can use its legs to stand on a limb or a leaf.
Paint the frame to blend in with your kitchen or to stand out as an accent.
These human quadrupeds may provide clues to how humans evolved to stand on two feet.
Large, bright canary yellow blooms stand out against lush, dark green foliage on this vigorous plant.
But one type of moth can stand its ground when it's near this predator.
If you stand facing east and hold your left hand out, it will point north.
The wave then resumes at the other end of the members stand.
Darker-leafed varieties also stand up better across the board than lighter-leafed varieties.
If it's your project, then stand up for yourself and explain what you want to do and what help you need from him.
It can stand for vengeance, despotism, self-improvement and much else.
These mobile kitchens stand out partly for their size.
Once a hippo reaches one year, it is robust enough to stand its ground and is rarely bothered.
Buses are unattractive because they may be full and require you to stand.
People need to stand up and speak out and risk losing their job, or sit there and take it.
In a casino, gamblers stand to benefit from any scraps of order in card shuffling.
The shocks and beatings meant that he could barely stand.
These moths stand their ground with hind wings flared and forewings held above the body at a slight angle.
One, my impending marriage has brought a bounty of new kitchen toys, including a stand mixer and a dutch oven.
The waterfalls don't stand on formality or any kind of artsy airs.
In many cases, though, their home-country governments stand in the way.
The romantic interests of regulars that none of us could stand.
They stand accused of alleged atrocities during the country's war of secession, and face possible execution.
We stand admiring the falling fake snow and flashing lasers.
We stand admiring it as it is now, a beautiful wreck beneath an ivy veil.
As a result, posts will stand secure for many extra years.
No medications that don't come from them stand a chance, no matter how good they are.
On the contrary, extra dimensions theories have had to stand some ugly modifications in order to be consistent with experiments.
Of course, the body can only stand so much of this disruption before the lethal threshold is reached.
The results stand to elucidate not only the ancestry of hippos but also that of whales.
Now suppose you take the scale, travel to the moon, and stand on it again.
So the body soon learns to stand down in the face of fat.
Registering empathy would probably stand in the way of this imperative.
We can never again stand aside, prideful in isolation.
Add coffee to cold water, cover closely, and let stand over night.
Put in a sunny window, and let stand twenty-four hours.
Otherwise the guests stand wherever they can find places behind the aisle ribbons.
But what is important is the idea that leaders need to model the behavior they want their organizations to stand for.
Instead, they are either opposed or staying mum, hoping the clock will run out and they won't have to take a stand.
Food usually costs the same price whether you stand or sit.
However, bubbles and proteins divided against themselves will not stand, and the foam will collapse without a little stabilizer.
If you have more than one message in the market about your brand, people will become confused about what you stand for.
It was a humbling sensation to stand between the creature's paws, each twice my height and longer than a city bus.
They may be cheaper, but you wouldn't want to stand at the focal point of one of his mirrors.
At the southern end, old-timers say, their meeting hall used to stand in the middle of the village.
Not to many other animals stand with there head as high with only two legs.
By the time the host's tongue is a nub the parasite becomes a stand-in.
It's a permeant statement to one's self or to the world, regardless if you stand by it for the rest of your life or not.
In the past, when one bamboo stand died, pandas simply migrated to another.
Several tiny trigger hairs stand on the leaf's surface.
Then again, there's something to be said for a purpose-made stand permanently set up on your desk.
Because it means you can pick up pretty much any cheap pole from a hardware store and turn it into a lighting stand.
Presentations largely stand or fall on the quality, relevance, and integrity of the content.
Few things stand out in modern human history that are as momentous.
He can stand even a coot's wildness because that is a wildness of the sea, but this land raciness is a different matter.
But even if that were true, this would still stand as an egregious instance of self-deception.
Ask for specific suggestions as to what paperwork you could send to stand in for teaching evaluations and the transcript.
Because so many people neglect to send anything, the polite people who do stand out and are remembered.
You're next asked to create either a one-time request, or a stand-alone form.
Have them write their name on a piece of paper and stand it up on their desk.
Have two students, each with two chalky erasers, stand outside the boundaries.
When the group arrived they would tell everyone to stand on the chalk line.
And when the summer games are over, the building won't stand empty.
Have students visit a bookstore or sporting goods store and find maps in books or stand-alone maps available for purchase.
Find out where you stand on the issues in this quiz.
When orangutans do stand, their hands nearly touch the ground.
However, they are often large enough to simply walk or stand on the lake floor, or lie in the shallows.
Have students stand up and begin making their whale calls softly.
When fear is the opponent, science doesn't stand a chance.
It should be able to diagnose chronic imbalance earlier than simple approaches such as asking a patient to stand on one foot.
Hardware manufacturers are staving off storage limits by making bits stand rather than recline.
We stand a far better chance of producing electric vehicles.
The projection approach doesn't cut it for me from a practical stand point.
Yes, it goes into the bathroom with me as well as on my night stand at night.
The offshore turbines in use or in development today stand in relatively shallow stretches of ocean.
No reason not to expect stand alone engine or hybrid designs.
We will stand behind our work and tweak the equipment when necessary.
The master would stand over the apprentice and watch.
Icy water lapped against the planks as he leaned on a cane, barely able to stand.
But those who stand outside of the research world have a growing number of ways to contribute as well.
The way things stand right now, everyone will not be getting that information.
People can also become too focused on how much money they stand to gain or lose, to the detriment of focusing on the task itself.
The plankton flows along with the water, coloring it blue, making it stand out eerily against the water.
Another widespread strategy employs logograms, written signs that stand for whole words.
Coral reefs can resemble underwater monuments, with strong towers and meandering walls that stand firm against the tides.
My story is behind a paywall, so you'll need to subscribe or pick up a copy at a news stand.
The codices wouldn't stand up as scientific evidence.
It's the pattern of oranges when stacked on a fruit stand.
As publishing struggles, the memoirs of stand-up comedians are flying off the shelves.
Hogg, the fellow with the moat, decided that he would not stand for re-election.
Best to let it painfully drag out until you can no longer stand each other's presence.
He used his subpoena power to put people on the stand for day after day.
Put your faith in the almighty, he proposed, and you stand to gain everything.
It's tough to stand out on a newsstand crowded with concept covers and abundant cleavage.
What follows is a helpful guide to make sure that your own ignorance does not stand in the way of your enthusiasm or enjoyment.
Targeted outreach to talented bloggers, improv performers, and stand-ups would help widen the field of applicants.
There was no way, however, that she was going to stand outside in formal attire.
We'd have to stand together in silence and observe these images of human violence.
The problem was that, for reasons neither wished to discuss, they couldn't stand the sight of each other.
But the gold standard also has to stand up and take a bow.
Get the word out-- the more of us stand together, the safer each individual will be.
But alongside these twin pillars of food news stand a host of other developments and trends.
If you're a smaller company that can't stand the heat, get out of the mile-underwater reservoir.
And you have the power to take this party back and make it stand for something again.
We stopped at a roadside stand to buy some cider and apples as a gift for my brother and his family.
In winter, sturdy parsley and rich walnuts stand in.
You're building something of value this year, and now's a good time to stand back for a moment and appreciate it.
After several weakening attempts to stand, the horse folded to the ground and rolled onto its side.
AB was visiting and eating at a smoked fish stand, and said it was outstanding.
Some of the machines are configured to accommodate those who can't stand.
Questioning the right of someone to stand somewhere is not a winsome post to write.
Travelers stand alone in a transparent booth for about three seconds while the machine takes its readings.
If you have a lot of ground to cover and don't have time for a sit-down lunch, try some of the best stand-up pizza of your life.
When it comes to anecdotes illustrating the pitfalls of today's supply chains, he has the delivery of a stand-up comedian.
Occasionally there were stand-offs with riot police.
On the other hand, sheltered industries know precisely how much they stand to lose if left bare and unaccommodated.
Over any extensive time period, words are a poor stand-in for the underlying concept.
On the other stand the cash-strapped governments of the rich world.
But they can also stand still, trapping the weather beneath them.
Its actual staff and private investors stand to make a small fortune from the floatation.
Whether his rise to stardom proves short-lived will depend largely on whether his allegations stand up.
His stand is always a theatrical show, and this year was no exception.
Small firms without links to well-established enterprises stand little chance of attracting outside investment.
He and his father sit side by side in the north stand, watching the curtain-raiser.
They stand up as they do so, but take their own sweet time about it.
We stand by as millions die each year because they are too poor to stay alive.
Truth by itself is not enough: it needs a guarantor, someone to stand behind it.
As things now stand, libraries cope with the pressures on their budgets by sacrificing monographs to periodicals.
Practice with your stand at ground level, gradually going higher.

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