stanchion in a sentence

Example sentences for stanchion

His body ricochets off a steel stanchion, sending him into an uncontrollable spin.
Stanchion barns are typically enclosed on all sides.
The main question in your letter is whether one end of the control line may be attached to a temporary guardrail stanchion.
Sixty three percent of the state's dairy farm operators milk their herd with a stanchion or tie stall barn.
The stanchion shall be attached to the roof bow or a reinforced panel in the ceiling.
Run the chain or cable around a thwart or stanchion.
Provide custom stanchion upright supports for supporting sump pump control panel.
Equip each cable stanchion with two spare cable arms and six spare insulators for future use.
Floor stanchion and piping tangled in damaged overhead electrical conduits.
The stern section lies on its starboard side with the spanker mast step and hold stanchion on the centerline keelson.
Frequently, there is a vertical stanchion immediately behind the driver platform.
Recommended types are the self-catcher and full-opening stanchion.
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