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Fletcher was a stanch supporter of the colonial aristocracy, and bitterly opposed to the popular party.
Concerned colleges try to stanch flow of cheap beer.
The official response to the violence was more than an attempt to stanch the blood-letting in a struggling old industrial city.
His immediate challenge is to stanch the flow of oil.
Similar tactics have helped to stanch the flow of readers from quality papers.
Capital controls and even travel restrictions would be needed to stanch the bleeding of money from the economy.
The government has moved aggressively, and on several fronts, to stanch the immediate damage.
The idea was that by raising animals that met such standards, small local farmers might stanch the loss of ancestral lands.
Some contrarians say concerns about exotic pathogens are overblown, that it's no use devoting resources to stanch an epidemic.
None of these programs can be set up quickly enough help stanch the outflow of jobs.
But that must wait until he can stanch the flow of weapons from government arsenals.
And when a piece of shell struck her face, she had only time to stanch the flow of blood with her handkerchief.

Famous quotes containing the word stanch

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