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One sign of the retrospective stance is a wave of reprints, notably a cluster of anniversary editions.
Check the websites of your favorite stores and brands to find out their stance.
His stance on climate change probably didn't help either.
Diplomats from other countries find this no-negotiation stance worrisome.
Journalists are fired all the time for taking the wrong political stance.
There are all kinds of ramifications to that stance.
The categorical imperative, the formula of the moral law for humans, is a stance of self-judgment.
They have never been completely involved, having always taken a slightly isolationist stance.
My colleagues are sometimes less comfortable with my open stance.
It is impossible for an anti-dogma stance to be considered a dogma.
It is impossible for an anti-faith stance to be considered a faith.
So people now have thoughts about what the moral stance of a human should be.
There are other serious substantive issues with this stance as well.
The financial markets have signaled a tougher stance in the last two weeks.
Saying you don't have a theory is a theoretical stance.
Those who see the problem chiefly as a result of ingrained poverty, disadvantage and discrimination take a different stance.
It ditches the bland forget-it-as-soon-as-you've-seen-it styling for sharp lines, deep creases and an aggressive stance.
The commission's instinct seems to be to take a fairly tough stance on intra-bank lending, but its precise views are hazy.
But militant stance from both camps is making matters worse.
Thank you for offering a rational stance in the face of irrational fears and acts.
The stop work is legal once there is no active contract and the university has demonstrated its non-bargaining stance.
Whatever your stance is, the language is problematic.
She will not obey a voice command once she has taken this stance.
There's no viable positive stance to take on her live work.
When some subject gets into pressure, it surround itself by repulsive, negativistic stance.
Crucial words are put in quotation marks so as to suggest an ambivalence in the author's stance toward them.
We do voice criticism but our stance is on the whole constructive.
His stance, and his high head, reinforce a detached arrogance on the part of the police.
People are taking sides without even listening to the real issues involved, or even what their candidate's true stance might be.
He is indifferent to the poorly behaved dogs that bark or take an aggressive stance towards him.
The reasons for this are legion, including his stance on evolution and global warming.
Your stance is not only mistaken, it is utterly despicable.
In a region where extremist sheikhs have all but silenced their moderate rivals, this was a dangerous stance to take.
Life stance emphasized the unique responsibility facing humanity and the ethical consequences of human decisions.
But that stance carries potentially huge risks, up to and including nuclear war.
In your last post you are actually admitting to taking a narrowminded and superficial stance to world politics.
He pinned part of the blame on the public-not a fashionable stance for a politician.
And the government offered no satisfactory explanation for its sudden change of stance.
He pulled his tee shot into a fairway bunker, forcing an awkward stance.
It remains to be seen whether the nuke test changes their stance.

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