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Example sentences for stampede

It was only the latest deadly stampede at a crowded soccer stadium.
The students were sneaking out, first one at a time, then a stampede.
The stampede might be almost as destructive as the fire.
As the aid convoy pulls into the camp, a stampede erupts.
The end of this week certainly appears to be a stampede.
Get a first look at the remarkable illustrations, including a triceratops stampede.
Panic ensued, and hundreds of people died in the chaotic stampede that followed.
Nobody's buzzing them with an airplane or a helicopter and forcing them to stampede and be stressed.
The result is a stampede for an internship-any internship.
Panic ensued and hundreds of people died in the chaotic stampede that followed.
Whether there will be a stampede to buy is another matter.
At the end of holidays, there's usually a stampede to the airport.
One can imagine blood in the streets in the stampede to get a chunk.
So with the thunderous clop of hoofs, our leaders begin a tremendous stampede to evade danger.
IT corrals all the subtly and finesse of the stampede of professional sports in world pop culture.
But the sharing stampede is nevertheless gathering pace.
The theater opened to a stampede of journalists who had lined up hours ahead.
The herd stampede toward slang and cliche cannot be impeded, interestingly.
Private investors could be inclined to stampede or panic.
Why people wanted to hear about the models-thousands of them caused a stampede outside a casting call in midtown-was obvious.
The stampede also overwhelmed the natural resources of the area.
Buckaroos need to be careful when doing this, because it may frighten the cows and cause a stampede.
Because of the sheer number of people crowding around the pillars, panic can easily trigger crowd turbulence and stampede.
They panned on the different bars and had made three trips to town before the news finally leaked out and the stampede followed.
The park begins with a wagon train heading west, causing a herd of bison to stampede.
Outfitters tried to entice prospectors into their stores to purchase the supplies necessary for the stampede north.

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