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But neighbors, understandably, want to see potentially dangerous blazes stamped out as quickly as possible.
In all instances a card and a stamped and directed envelope must be inclosed.
All persons or objects that answer to the same countersign or that bear the same imprint are thereby stamped as somehow related.
Soon participants will be able to upload time-stamped digital photographs to vouch for their observations.
Optical and electronic components will be stamped onto the plastic.
Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.
These differences tell us that intricate patterns aren't stamped onto a fish's skin according to a genetically encoded blueprint.
The volumes were cream-colored, with forest-green spines stamped in gold.
Bendable electronics aren't new: researchers have previously stamped, printed, and sprayed circuitry on plastic sheets.
Car seats have expiration dates stamped on their bases.
Some movies arrive pre-stamped with a consensus opinion.
But these days no one is willing to give or take so much as a logo-stamped golf ball.
The key to commercialising this idea is that such antennae can be stamped by the billion on to plastic sheets.
She stamped her little clogs and eventually her parents gave way.
Her yellow fever vaccination card had been stamped by rebel health authorities, and so was invalid, the officials tut-tutted.
Dancers resembling warriors stamped, chanted, gasped and growled.
The whole is backed by a flat rectangle stamped in a basket-weave pattern.
It was his first trip as president to the scene of an eight-year-old war he has stamped as his own.
Dates and codes can be found stamped on the end of the egg carton.
We recently completed a project with concrete stamped crosswalks.
Return request with self-addressed, stamped envelope.

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