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T he public impression is almost necessarily static: postage-stamp mutual devotion.
With everybody buying music online, it's literally been reduced to the size of a postage stamp.
For these pages, every change in the list includes a time stamp and a listing of which job has new information.
That's a lot of precious metal wasted for want of a stamp.
Those founders had a bigger stamp on the curriculum than would any traditional university president or chancellor.
The infamous rubber stamp is always readily at hand.
It is not about licking a stamp and affixing it to an envelope.
Inside each box, which is usually a waterproof container, are a logbook and a unique rubber or carved stamp.
Subsequent empresses put their own stamp on the building, overseeing a continuing series of additions and renovations.
Waiting for her friends after school, she would bang on her legs and stamp her feat, marking the tempo with her voice.
And missionaries, while often well-intentioned, tried to stamp out native customs and beliefs.
Yet there is no mistaking the stamp of the subcontinent.
The human nose contains a postage stamp-size smelling organ, called the olfactory epithelium, at the roof of the nasal cavity.
Tourists are advised to ask for a certification and look for the stamp of authenticity on gold goods.
In the beginning there was a time stamp so you could tell how long you were actually in the maze for.
Pressure is on hospitals to stamp out bacterial bugs.
The software uses the computer's clock as a time stamp.
One goal was to stamp out immorality: get the priests to stop marrying, stop selling ecclesiastical offices, live by their vows.
Here, oblivion appears to encroach on the protagonist and eventually stamp out all embers of emotion.
They wear little brown boots, the better to stamp out evil.
These are different things entirely, and each has implications that are troubling, but neither has the power to stamp out the new.
The isotope measurements also time stamp the formation of these meteorites and this raises another puzzle.
Products integrating these postage-stamp-sized memory devices will include playing cards paired with online games.
The device also includes temperature and humidity sensors and a clock, to put a time stamp on the measurements.
As long as the regulatory bodies continue to rubber-stamp these crops, exposures will be a run-away train.
If the segregation of lepers would stamp out the disease, this would be a good investment.
They might bear the stamp of processes now hidden from us, such as exotic particle decays.
With that kind of sophisticated technology, the world could potentially stamp out many diseases from genetic blood lines.
Well one observation is that there are a higher percentage than normal of left handed people being stamp collectors.
From the time stamp on each post a clear pattern emerged of his day.
He doesn't stamp out the first cigarette-he palms it, then puts it in his ear.
Eventual tie-in with loyalty cards means saying goodbye to myriad stamp cards.
The labels even bear the nearly impossible-to-achieve vegan stamp.
The tusk doesn't have the requisite parks-department stamp.
Peer-rearing also leaves a distinctive stamp on the monkey's physiology.
In the old days, you had to put a stamp on a chain letter.
Paper-based diagnostic tests that are as small as a stamp and weigh less than a penny.
Without these disciplines, for example, cancer research is mere stamp-collecting and trial-and-error.
They are attempting to stamp out what they perceive to be competing beliefs.
After two centuries, it still keeps the fresh stamp of truth.
Thus there has been no professional stamp of approval by great bodies of experimenters.
The historian finds the answer in a thousand casual expressions, each one of which bears the stamp of the period and the race.
Finally, few writers of any age have succeeded so well in impressing on their work the stamp of personality.
Gracious of gracious and a stamp a blue green white bow a blue green lean, lean on the top.
After addressing and posting it a second time it was again returned to him, this time without a stamp.
Boris, an old-time stamp collector, often said that he would not be caught dead handling post cards.

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