stalkless in a sentence

Example sentences for stalkless

Leaves are lance-shaped, stalkless, and heart-shaped or rounded at the base.
The stem leaves become smaller and narrower moving up the stem and stalkless.
The leaves at the base of the flowering stalk are similar, but nearly stalkless.
Leaves are stalkless, alternate, narrow and linear to lance-shaped.
Stem leaves reduce in size up the stem with top leaves being stalkless, smaller and less divided.
They are oppositely stalkless and have pointed tips.
The stalkless flowers are borne in the axils of the smaller upper leaves, or bracts.
The narrow, lance shaped leaves are about one inch long, stalkless with pointed tips.
Stem leaves are alternately arranged, similar to rosette leaves in shape but smaller with less of a stalk, or stalkless.
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