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Example sentences for stalked

Pelham, motioning for me to follow, stalked out the door.
One discovery includes something that may be a stalked barnacle.
Unless he's stalked some jurors and knows who they are, that's not jury tampering.
Great blue herons and white egrets stalked the shoreline.
Deep beneath an ancient ocean, a flatworm stalked its unsuspecting prey.
Crabs stalked around, while fish swam in bunches looking for food that local islanders would throw them.
They have stalked eyes, gills on their legs, and antennae.
Witchy pagan chicks stalked by in coats of body paint.
Its small head was adorned with two long tentacles and two stalked eyes.
We were certain someone had been through the yard and stalked around looking for an intruder.
He stalked through the living room and past the marble fireplace to the bedroom.
And the somber tones of his voice evoked the nightmares that stalked him.
The spikelets are borne in pairs, one of which is sessile and the other stalked.
There are usually three long-stalked flowers at the top of each stem.
Its light-purple flowers and long-stalked, sharply toothed leaves grow from an often unbranched, hairy stem.
Flowers are stalked and arise in clusters from the points of the stem where the opposite leaves join.

Famous quotes containing the word stalked

But there is nothing which delights and terrifies our English Theatre so much as a Ghost, especially when he appears in ... more
Finally she grew quiet, and after that, coherent thought. With this, stalked through her a cold, bloody rag... more
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