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Notable difference is that each long flower stalk bears a small bud more add to my plant list enlarge.
Often, she finds it in the base of a bromeliad plant leaf, which naturally forms a small cup with the plant's stalk.
For example, regularly stroking a plant on its stalk stunts its vertical growth yet makes the stalk grow thicker.
When cooking asparagus, you must first break off the tough stem ends by bending the stalk.
Fertilizers were a dead end: when the wheat plant's pod grew more seeds, its stalk collapsed under the weight.
The plant grows as a basal rosette for a minimum of one year, then sends up a tall, flowering stalk and dies after flowering.
Unless firms learn to adjust their output to their real market, deflation will stalk industry for a long time to come.
They have poor eyesight, and stalk prey using chemical receptors in their tongues and heat-sensors along the jaws.
After the stalk has flowered and borne fruit, it dies.
Look for fresh, locally grown sprouts-still on the stalk is best-with tightly closed leaves.
It's also a skinnier, leafier, leggier broccoli with tiny green flower buds at the stalk tips.
Jumping spiders have acute vision which helps them stalk prey.
They also take to the trees and stalk monkeys or birds.
First, the infamous triple turn signal stalk that's appeared across the lineup has got to go.
The stalk is supported by pressure created by their pump, according to the scientists.
When they stalk spitting spiders, portia spiders approach from behind to avoid getting caught up in the sticky, venomous spit.
The solitary, nodding flower with an unpleasant odor rises on a stalk above a whorl of three broadly ovate, diamond-shaped leaves.
The steering column was crumbling where the turn signal stalk was.
When it sights prey, the cheetah often begins to stalk.
Stare into the eye of the tiger and stalk the night with a jaguar in this game.
Soon fish get feet and four-legged creatures stalk the planet.
By night, they're ruthless hunters that stalk their prey with a keen sense of sight and smell.
We also thought it might stalk some impala, but she wasn't hungry.
Millions of outdoor cats stalk exhausted migrants as they land.
They are skillful hunters that stalk their prey on the ground and from branches of trees.
And he was traveling with a long, roughly shaped stalk of yew-an unfinished longbow, yet to be notched and strung.
In the evening you'll head out on nocturnal safari drives in search of big predators that stalk the darkness.
Some come to escape the lowland heat, others to stalk exotic quetzals or explore the mountain trails on foot or horseback.
Bananas were hung there, still clinging to their stalk.
Cut the tough stalk ends off the asparagus and discard them.
Fresh-off-the-stalk rice is pale green and encased in a long, thin hull.
They will stalk photos and make fun of absurd status updates, but in a time of crisis don't depend on them.
If you're buying it, use the smallest leaves on each stalk, and set aside the larger ones for another use.
Tiny brown ants are climbing up a stalk of goldenrod.
Mad fathers either stalk the street shouting or simply barking.
In scene after scene, they stalk each other, hiding in the rubble.
At the height of his career he would stalk his subjects, and his quarry would often be unaware that it had been captured on film.
We'll need after all a place for all the irresponsible homeless people, who dare to stalk our beautiful streets.
They slide over to inspect another stalk, and then another.
For decades, wildlife filmmakers have been cutting and pasting multiple attacks into a single stalk-and-pounce.
The duelists stalk each other through mazelike corridors, racing for ammo and armor, for better weapons.
By the second day, a pinkish stalk began pushing out of the ant's head.
The other example, illustrated here, is the stalk-eyed fly.
When the slug finds a good spot, it stretches upwards to form a ball at the end of a stalk.
Or the cause can be ovarian torsion, the twisting of an ovary around its stalk, the source of its blood supply.
The animating software then figures out how best to make it walk, run, and stalk prey.
The fungus produced a long stalk tipped with spores, which eventually blew away, presumably to infect more ants.
Remove outside leaves from a small solid white cabbage, and cut off stalk close to leaves.
Take off outside leaves, cut in quarters, and remove tough stalk.
Things went finely for a while, the horse was weaned to one stalk a day, and on the next day he would at last work without fodder.
Each student carried a stalk of sugar-cane with some open bolls of cotton fastened to the end of it.
Feathery, glowing polyps line the arms of a sea pen, while tiny white eggs dot its stalk.
Guides use tree stands, ground blinds and spot-and-stalk methods.
Falls brings hunters to stalk the woods, more camping and the glorious colors of fall foliage.
About the size of a spring roll, the chicken-filled roti were tied shut with a green onion stalk and served with a green chutney.
The tag sticks out of the skin, and may have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the surface of the skin.
Turning his back, he sits down and begins munching on a stalk of bamboo.
These creatures swim or stalk, and scare us into our deepest nightmares.

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