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To cover this distance by foot, walk to the outdoor stairway at the edge of the tunnel and climb the stairs.
Ellen came hurrying down the stairs, her avoidable haste acting in its normal way upon her husband.
Squares and rectangles appear throughout the garden and shape three multilevel backyard patios connected by wide stairs.
It has four floors, with many stairs in between thanks to the high ceilings.
When he could not get out for his walks he advocated walking up and down stairs.
The raisers learn how to teach their charges to climb stairs, come when called and to neither bark nor beg.
He led us up some stairs to a small room that seemed to glow with light.
Putting the stairs internally makes them impossible to use in the presence of flames and smoke.
The dog runs ahead up the stairs to first floor and stops at the door to the right.
The company also claims the suit is agile enough to play soccer and climb stairs and ramps.
They adapted by having squares flood, by having stairs under water by having the first floor of many buildings flood.
All the stairs have exits direct to the street rather than opening into the lobby.
The novel automatons are still limited in their exploring abilities--they can't climb stairs, for instance.
They walk more slowly up the stairs and are more irritable when you hurry them along-or hurry by them.
Perfect for abodes that are short on space or long on stairs.
Ground robots have always had problems with curbs, stairs and other obstacles that humans cross with ease.
The curved shape is to help keep the leg from getting caught on obstacles, such as stairs.
Taking the stairs could mean more time between charges for your phone.
Drop it down a flight of stairs, and you'll be picking up pieces at the next landing.
Two days later, candles and flowers will carpet the stairs.
Entered the building on the library side and headed up the stairs.
It's a three-story structure, with stairs that hug the curving walls on one side.
That, she says, has helped her prepare for actual on-stage stairs.
The owners escaped the fire by climbing the stairs to the roof and then over to the building next door.
Stand at the top step, face away from the stairs, and heave the pile over your shoulder.
For example, a lot of bodybuilders can't even climb stairs, even though body fat is super low.
Apart from giving users the ability to walk, stand and climb stairs, the device has another important impact-on their dignity.
More storeys mean more stairs and more delay, of course.
When confidence has been kicked down the stairs, quibbling about normal market incentives is quite beside the point.
Walk up the stairs and you're right next to the check-in terminals.
Four frames later, secret policemen are climbing the stairs to arrest him, and the article is never mentioned again.
Gee, maybe it's because easy money and tax cuts don't work when confidence has been kicked down the stairs.
If you've got the stamina, climb the stairs to the top of the tower for some of the best views over the city.
Climb the wooden stairs beside his hind leg to enter the door in his side.
For those looking for some exercise, take the stairs to the top of the falls.
The wind and waves push air against the pipes and make these mysterious chords, which come out through holes under the stairs.
The giant nodded politely, gathered the parchment, and found his way down the stone stairs.
Perhaps people should get off their fat arses and walk, run or take the stairs.
Well-dressed employees walk up and down the stairs, speaking in hushed, respectful tones.
She closed the salon when she could no longer navigate the stairs.
Running up and down stairs with a tripod and a block of ice in hand is not safe either.
He sits on the edge of the bed, the door half open, and hears talk of the ugly accident creep from the kitchen up the stairs.
We paused at the top of the stairs that floated down off the campus and into the town.
She often shouted up the stairs with an offering of a dish of weeds, gladly accepted, both bitter and delicious.
She remembers the water coming up at her as the escapees tried to make their way down the stairs.
Humanoid robots are still quite primitive, with poor fine motor skills and a habit of falling down stairs.
We walk up the concrete stairs to a little anteroom on the next floor.
There was a columned hail, and stairs, and windows overlooking the sea.
Eagan counted four landings on the stairs' winding way up to the observation platform.
He hauled my bags up the stairs that led to my single room.
If you train intensively at long-distance running, you'll find it easier to climb stairs or ride a bike.
Instead of crashing down the stairs, for instance, the robot would recalculate to find the door.
She could not climb the stairs to her bedroom without help, and even the lightest chores were taxing.
Outdoors, sunlight converted to shadow made a flight of stairs a frightening experience.
And sweeping the stairs from top to bottom is the only way in the cleaning business.
The number of steps matched exactly the number of stairs.
Same energy and area but different duration: falling from a high building vs walking down the stairs inside.
His partner behind me released the door, and they were out of the car with the camera, running down the platform stairs.
They were tried in a courtroom separated from the prison by a short corridor and up a short flight of stairs.
Hot flushes-he had one of them every time he went up the stairs.
The gym is so poorly designed that a scrimmaging player can be knocked down one of two flights of concrete stairs.
The writer offered him the map and watched him carry it down the stairs and into the van.
The stairs are one of the best things in the building.
There were too many stairs to run down, the elevators had stopped, and you can't even stand straight on a shaking floor.
Behind her was a faint light, such as might have been carried down the stairs to show her the way.
He heard footsteps running to and fro in the rooms, and up and down stairs behind him.
His ascending steps on the stairs brought back my senses.
We see the transition between them in the scene on the stairs.
Let's put you away from the people wearing stilettos and standing uneasily on the stairs.
It's also where she took drugs, wrote songs, and lugged her keyboard up and down several flights of stairs to do club shows.
In the case of a raid, he thought they should try to escape down the stairs.
Up the stairs popped a jovial, burly old guy with six suitcases.
The boys became impatient and began yelling up the stairs of the rectory.
The girlfriends yawn in the background, climbing up the stairs.
Every so often it seemed to amuse itself by bouncing a ball down the stairs.
Kayla was walking ahead of him, up the school stairs.
She says her own case--and she does claim to be a sufferer--was exacerbated by a fall down the stairs.
Racked by angina at age two, she can now climb a flight of stairs without stopping.
Do note that many of the stations do not have escalators or elevators and often involve long fights of stairs.

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