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Example sentences for staircase

Think of a long staircase and there is a line of people at the top, each representing an instruction.
On the return walk down the other side of the garden, a lovely stone staircase swings you down into a lower patio.
To complement the new seat wall, the old staircase was rebuilt and resurfaced.
To reach a newly accessible cove, head down the staircase near the entrance.
Up a seemingly endless winding staircase is a room whose frescoes are alive with symbolism.
Her cabbie tells her she can beat the traffic by hopping out of the car and down an emergency staircase at the next exit.
They can be lined up on the ground or stacked up with an external staircase connecting them.
The none-too-reliable-looking elevator is encircled by a crumbling staircase.
There is a narrow staircase leading down behind the coat-check counter.
With race time drawing near, he gets up and walks toward the top of a spiral staircase.
She flees from him, runs up the staircase, and he follows after her.
She climbed up the narrow winding-staircase, and reached a little door.
Making her way in, she ascended the high staircase which leads to the upper chambers.
Make a door-mat of it, and spread it between the place for washing the feet and the staircase.
But it's also not unlike blaming a football coach if his star player breaks his ankle falling down his home staircase.
The granite foyer was backed with a grand staircase, which spread wide at the bottom and tapered at the top.
To the right, a wide staircase leads to the bedrooms upstairs.
Pedagogically these places are worlds apart, though they are separated physically by no more than a staircase or a fire door.
Now he felt he'd reached the top of a steep staircase.
For the next scene, the planks morphed into a spiral staircase that stretched horizontally across the stage.
From there, they climbed a spiral staircase to a dim and dusty landing on the forty-fifth floor.
Even when the staircase is ripped away, one imagines that the water won't get to them.
Another was the impossible staircase, which my father had worked on and designed.
Some writers have likened this to a staircase: it costs more energy to go up stairs than down.
Imagine sliding down the family's elegant curved staircase.
Only the northwest staircase and the choir section remained standing.
Sleepily he got up, climbed the short spiral staircase, and opened one side of the double door.
Job seniority the number of years at an airline is the central staircase of a pilot's career.
Each spring and fall equinox, the sun casts shadows on the staircase that make it appear a snake is weaving to the top.
Scale the spiral staircase leading to a turret that affords panoramic views of the city.
The lobby's complex relief ceiling and marble staircase make a warranted first impression.
They posed on their eighteenth-century marble staircase and smiled, but not too broadly.
She climbed up the narrow winding staircase, and reached a little door.
The foyer features a fountain at the center of an intricate spiral staircase.
The wide, curving staircase with scrolling iron balusters and railings.

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