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Example sentences for stainless

Not every opportunity to turn a situation to one's advantage is going to be morally stainless.
He grabs an empty stainless-steel bowl and dips it into the barrel, panning for gold.
The old red blood and stainless gentility of great poets will be proved by their unconstraint.
The tide toward tap has boosted businesses that make reusable water bottles, especially aluminum and stainless steel varieties.
It's free to get inside this iconic, stainless steel structure.
Stainless steel bottles are considered the safest alternative to plastic bottles.
They slid the frozen body onto a stainless steel gurney.
There was something else: a stainless-steel hook embedded in its mouth, trailing a long strand of monofilament line.
The group have also used their machine to punch holes in hardened steel, including stainless steel.
The aquariums consist of an acrylic cylinder encased in a second, snug-fitting stainless-steel cylinder.
Stainless steel all the way, with a graffiti-repelling coating.
Another problem is the use of a stainless steel frame, which has a fixed structure and cannot be absorbed by the body.
Stents are expandable stainless-steel scaffolds commonly used to prop open clogged arteries.
My dad sold stainless steel to the nuclear industry a few decades ago for use in reactors.
Screeners repeatedly failed to find stainless-steel test pieces that set off metal detectors as guns might.
Get those apples and oranges out of stainless steel bins and into pretty baskets.
Stainless corner shower shelves replacing the ones made of stone as the latter tends to break more easily with repeated use.
Look for stainless steel bottles that do not have a plastic liner.
Don't get me wrong--there's nothing wrong with stainless steel appliances.
She almost knocks over the stainless-steel barbecue in her attempts at a cartwheel.
The stainless steel pipes are cleaned with citric acid weekly.
The blue flames of all four burners on the stainless steel hearth are flicked to high.
He started refining his pulse jet engines, which he fashions from aluminum and stainless steel in his workshop.
Look for a wok that is heavy aluminum, stainless steel or traditional cast-iron.
The exterior of this rice cooker and warmer is clean and durable clear-coated stainless steel which makes it unique in design.
Nothing could be further removed from the diamonds and stainless steel of the boom years.
The found stainless steel vessel is filled to that delicate point where the liquid threatens to spill over on to the table.
All the stainless and chrome are there and in excellent condition.

Famous quotes containing the word stainless

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